Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Blessed, that's how I'm feeling...

Remembering, a Easter and me about 1959... Honoring traditions...

Cherishing each moment. Wishing all of you love and happiness. Enjoy this beautiful day!

xxoo Penny

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We started off the week with some crazy April weather.

The cars, deck and plants were covered with ice and snow. Even though the temperature only went up to forty, all the snow is gone and the plants all seem to have survived.

My last project in the kitchen for now is complete. I had other plans for my island, but. fresh coat of paint is all it got.

I saw a wash tub hung like this on Pinterest, and Honey had the hook and the strength to turn the screws. It makes me happy...

Favors for our family. I never got a good image from this rubber stamp, till I learned to turn it over and press the tag onto the inked stamp. These carrot bags were perfect for a few little treats each.

I baked cookies and cupcakes. I am making two oldies but goodies for Easter... Jello broken glass cake, a staple in our house when we were kids. It's from the book, Joy of Jello and takes a few steps to make. The other is chocolate eclair cake with graham crackers, pudding and chocolate ganache frosting. I choose these because they can be made way ahead of time. With the house full of guests, and some VIPs staying for a while, I want to be part of the fun.

With the forty days of a Lent almost over, I can see the fruits of my labor. Clean drawers, cabinets, a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen. I gave up clutter, moved and walked each day. Sewing and crafting, taking care of our dear Charlotte. Even started on some outdoor cleanup. I have to say I feel satisfaction that I spent these days busy... Every job done with love. Isn't that what Easter is all about, Love?

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

xxoo Penny

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Update

I've been running since Thursday...A big combined service night and Guild meeting.  Made these cookies,
flavored with orange zest.  The grating was done by my constant companion Charlotte.  Charlotte went from pain free immediately after the surgery to more painful the last few days.  The healing is beginning, so soon will start the PT.  She has been the best and most appreciative patient.
Does anything smell fresher than a fresh cut or zested orange?

Friday was a beauty, warm and sunny.  I got out to rake the front yard and sweep the deck.  That first day out is really great, except for the blister I always get when raking, even with gloves.

Then Saturday, we shopped for Easter brinner, I have a brunch/dinner to accommodate the some family who would other wise miss an early brunch.  Three stores later the cupboards are filled.  Just as we were leaving home  the skies opened up.  We had a hail storm, and the hail was big.  
 It was hitting the windows and bouncing off the lawn.  There are a few dents in hubby's car.
Only the day lilies are up...before the grass has even greened up.  After Sunday's rain I noticed many more growing things, and the grass in just a day has turned a beautiful shade of green.
 I spent Sunday finishing up a few things before I put the sewing machine away till after Easter.  I found the blue fabric thrifting and the lace is from a twin sized sheet I found a while back.
 It was three parts, top and bottom scallop and the embroidered center section.  I cut it apart to use on some hand towels, inspired by some I saw on Pinterest.

 I layered a couple of fabrics and sewed them down.  Busy work, anxiety busting work.  Nothing bad happening, just changes coming to my family. I'll fill you in as things progress.  I have to keep busy, and I have.
 A couple more to add to my collection. I've made so many things lately,  I actually started to keep all my  finished projects in a suitcase.
I finished these too.  Maybe I can become a door to door Vintage Salesperson, like the Fuller Brush Man back in the day. I've thought of etsy, doing a craft show or flea market...or taking a space in a antique mall. Just that I've been there, done that in my youth and remember how hard it is to sell what you make.

Just be warned, if you are coming to Easter, you will be going home with a crocheted jar cozy, or tea towel or a lavender sachet...:-)  Just think of it as helping me keep my mental health.  Busy week, Holy Week...blessings to all of you this Easter.  

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Driehaus Museum in the Nickerson House

The first thing I saw was the giant dragonfly.  I had no idea of the significance until I did a little research.
This is the Nickerson House, The Driehaus Museum.  Remember I told you about Richard Driehaus, and the Ransom Cable House...kitty corner of this building. He owns this mansion also. I had no idea it was a museum.  They are having an exhibition, Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection. I know very little about Tiffany, except that dragonflies are a popular motif in his designs. Driehaus owns one of the largest collections of rare Tiffany objects in the country and they are on display in the mansion turned museum.  For more information check out Driehaus Museum
Another photo...on our way home...
I can't wait to visit this neighborhood again when we have time to explore Chicago's own Downton Abbey. The chance to visit and see how the super rich lived in Chicago during the late 1800's is irresistible. During Charlotte's surgery, Roseann, Charlotte's Mom and I talked about how we loved to research...things we see on TV, curiosity about just everything.  The Internet puts the world, and in this case Chicago at our fingertips. A few clicks and I wanted to know more and was able to get a history lesson on my own hometown, while sitting in bed.  It still amazes me!

All is well, and our patient is doing great.  I expect she'll be leaving soon, but not before I try to spoil her for a day or two more.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny xxoo

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fancy Chicago

Jonathan Adler
 Waking up at 4:30 am has it's advantages.  Our dear girl Charlotte, Jon's girlfriend was having surgery in downtown Chicago yesterday.  We drove into the city to pick up the kids, drop them off and then park.
We were in a fancy neighborhood I have never visited before.  Right outside of the parking garage were stores and shops.  Beautiful designs...
 I was intrigued by this ball, a pillow, footrest, objet d'art?
 Looked like it was made of different shades of grey velvet.
 This reminded me of Superman's Fortress of Solitude...crystals used as a centerpiece.
The architecture of this Church is breathtaking, St. James Episcopal Cathedral, the second Church on this site.  The first burned down in the Great Chicago Fire of  1871, leaving only the bell tower.  This Church was completed in 1875. It is at 65 E Huron.  I read that the inside is amazing too.
This photo was taken later in the day.
 Then at the corner Erie and Wabash is the Ransom Cable House.  I had no idea a house like this existed in Chicago.  It is massive, the stonework, arches...  I was gawking, taking pictures, amazed by what I was seeing.
 How would you like to sit in that window and watch Chicago go by?

 All this nestled between hi-rises...

 It looked like a storybook castle, even with the construction cone.
Doing some research I found that this house is owned by Richard Driehaus, he used to park his car in this neighborhood to go to the bars on Rush Street as a young man. Thirty years ago it was a run down side street, but because of Driehaus' personal mission it was saved.  (The article I found was written by Ron Magers, a local newscaster in 2007)

So many amazing discoveries, and so much to learn about them and their preservation. Tomorrow I'll share with you a museum you may not know about.  I didn't.  They call it Chicago's Downton Abbey.

Charlotte's knee surgery went perfectly.  We were in Mariano's, a local grocery two hours after surgery...she was encouraged to be as active as she felt comfortable.  I love having a house guest, especially such a good natured and happy one.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.