Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vintage Valentine

 Keeping busy with some handwork, some little Valentines.
 From a Shabby Chic place mat, thrifted of course...
 A buttonhole stitch and some TV and music time.
 The flowers come from this doily...
 and the place mat... I knew from the moment I picked it up it would be hearts!
 Hearts are on my mind.  Son Jon bought a drink with this beautiful pattern on the can.  Who knows what I'll do with these.
 This is the only decorating I've done for Valentine's day so far...
...and the roses and red candle.

Just wanted to check in, so much for being a better blogger this year, this is only my 8th post. More family news next time. Thanks for sticking with me dear friends.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Subject Was Roses

Funny how a topic pops into your mind.  The Subject Was Roses...where did that phrase come from.
Thank goodness for Google.  It was the name of a movie that came out in 1968...when I was thirteen years old, but stuck in my brain somewhere. Today when I looked at my guest room, at all the roses, on the bedding, wall, lampshade and curtains that's what came to mind.  So I looked through by images and found ROSES...
 Water colored...
 with French verse...
in an advertisement...

...or maybe it was just this rug I bought at Ikea last night...

On a mission for dear Kristen we picked up a TV stand and 2 night stands.  On the way out I saw this rug that last week was reduced to about $10, now reduced to under $6. Had the perfect place for it.  Then I picked up a tray of cinnamon rolls, $4...amount actually saved on said rug...NADA!  With the movers coming today, they may need a snack... purchase justified!

Finally this reminds me of a song, I Won't Send Roses...

I won't send roses, or hold the door
I won't remember, which dress you wore
My heart is too much in control
The lack of romance in my soul
Will turn you gray kid
So stay away kid
Forget my shoulder, when you're in need
Forgetting birthdays is guaranteed
And should I love, you would be the last to know
I won't send roses
and roses suit you so...

That last line kills me!

Now another totally random thing...After I looked up the lyrics to the song I wanted to know who wrote it. His name is Jerry Herman and the song was used in a musical called Mack and Mabel.  The stars of that play, Bernadette Peters and Robert Preston. WOW! Love them both. So now I am listening to Robert Preston sing it on itunes!  I am awed and amazed by technology, the world is really at our fingertips.  Thanks Al Gore! :-)

Have a great weekend my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To Brighten Up a Gloomy Day

The longer days help, but the gloom that comes with January is only kept at bay by being busy.  I found this silver rose bowl at the thrift.
It has it's own frog for arranging, and I had roses in my stash. I added a couple to fill it out so the reflection is as pretty as the front.

 A little sparkle of reflected light.

I also added some faux greenery.  Things tend to look so flat in the dim winter's light. In person it looks fresh and gives the room some life.
On a quick trip to the thrift with my future DIL Charlotte, I found a couple of treasures.  I never say no to a cloche, and these glasses will be pretty votive holders.
 I found this interesting container on another stop.
 To hold a gift, a bowl of sweets, a single heart.
 The one decoration I have not put away...Seems I like to play in the snow, I mean salt.
 Fished out some of my Valentine making supplies...

and found a stack of goodies I've been collecting. Now for some inspiration...First I'll check my Valentine pins over at Pinterest, and see how I can brighten up this gloomy day.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Update

My friends, I have only been away for a week and a few days but so much has happened.  I can't possibly put all my feelings into words, just know that I had one of the happiest weeks of my life.  My daughter Kristen and baby grand Penny stayed with us before their move into their new apartment in Chicago.  The thing that I missed most, having them so far away, was all the ordinary things...watching TV, taking naps, eating meals together...time to play and pretend...learn each others jokes.  Talking, hugging...covering them up while they slept. Real time to just be together, and that's what we had.  As Doug settled up things back in Brooklyn, we girls had fun...except for the four nights sweet p. had a fever and no one got much sleep.  Still, I was there, rocking, singing, sleeping on the edge of my bed when Penny wanted to sleep with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was the best time.  Soon Sweet p was better, (then Grandma got sick) and it was time to head to the city.
How about this head of hair? She is not just a pretty face, this girl is full of love, smart, polite, friendly, kind, funny and she thinks I am a great grandma.  (She told me this while holding my face in her little hands....waaaaaa!)
She likes to talk, sing and dance.  She loves all my treasures. She wanted me, 24/7.  There were times when Grandma needed a personal moment.  It got to the point when she would ask for me and I was in the bathroom that I wouldn't reply.  Smart cookie that she is, she knocked on the door, when I didn't answer, Penny quietly sang..."Do you wanna build a snowman?"  I cried and laughed so hard! All of you who are fans of the movie Fraozen will understand.  So smart...she won't be three until May!
It is not without some sadness, leaving behind her life in New York.  This book is filled with notes from her preschool class and all the teachers.
I know just how they feel.  Now I can have tea parties, pretend ice skating, chasing and running, cuddles and hugs.  This particular party we had included Pete the Cat, Baby, and Lady and the remains of cousin Baby Bug's birthday cake.

Kris was able to keep her job and Doug is now job hunting.  Their things are still on a truck somewhere between here and there.  In the mean time they have camp chairs and inflatable beds, borrowed linens and the all important TV and Internet.  We are less than 30 miles away, and they are blocks from brother Jon and Charlotte and many good friends and family.  It is a happy time for me, but a time of change and a difficult adjustment for Mom and Dad. The change came much quicker than they had planned.  I hope that being in Chicago will be a comfort to them. It is truly a dream come true to all of us who missed them so very much. I had never imagined they would actually come back home, in fact I stopped hoping.  My dear pal Jean kept telling me, they will be back, and she was right, as always.;-)

Sunday, after a trip into the city, we left the little family to getting settled in.  We had company for dinner, Jon and Charlotte, and watched the last half of the football game. My computer was on the blink and sweet hubby cleaned some things up so I was able to post. Things are getting back to the regular routine.  The house seems quieter, but filled at the same time. Life is good, even when it's not perfect.  My family is my treasure, and I am so very grateful for each one of them.

Now back to my life...I think I remember that... sewing, crocheting, crafting, thrifting...Blogging!...getting my house back in order after the holidays...until the weekend, when I hope to build that snowman, or at least pretend to... with my girls!

Thank you friends for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Talking about my girl...MY GIRL!

Here's the sweet p's bed and some new bedding I thrifted for her.  In fact all of her bedding I found at the thrift except for the first sheet shown on the bed I actually bought at Target..Some of the toys were Kristen's when she was a baby, Honey and Freddy Bear.  The slippers were part of a pre Christmas celebration called the five days of sweet p.  Anyway, all is ready for the move of this tiny bed into babygrand's sweet new digs in Chicago.
 I just found this sheet...for $1.49.
 I love a fancy label when it's in my price range.
 I paired it with this sweet little quilt, $2.49!  Loved the colors, flowers and butterflies...
 and the back, or maybe the front is embroidered.
 Three D butterflies...
branches and flowers.  Sweet dreams sleeping under this pretty blanket.

I did a little shopping when all the Christmas stuff went to 80% off.  Remember when this used to happen much later, I found these when it was still December! Now to put it away so I can find it when I need it later this year!  That's the trick, right? ;-)

Things are going to get busy very soon, so forgive my absence. We have several things to move for our little one, including a well stocked kitchen, with everything from pots and pans to baking supplies.  She is gonna love it!   I'll be back with wonderful tales of time with my sweet daughter and darling grand daughter. Oh man, this is gonna be awesome, with a side of emotional!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.