Monday, March 23, 2015

What a Weekend, Update

Here's our baby grand, jumping on the bed.  That's how our weekend started off.  Having our little one in the nest makes us so very very happy.  A visit from the cousins, where every cushion in the family room came off the sofa and love seat to build a "nest" for the girls.  Sweet p. was flushed in the cheeks but had a great time. When they left however, things changed quickly.  Sweet p.said she had to go to bed because she was so tired. (Mom thought that was very unusual.)  She was restless and after a while she woke up crying.  We were able to calm her and get her back to sleep but only for a while.  Then she started really crying and calling for her Mom.  She held her ear and said it hurt.  The crying for her Mom is what did me in.  I want to start crying for MY mom.  We got Kris on face time hoping that would calm her, but it just made her more upset.

To make a long story shorter, we packed her up and brought her home.  She had a terrible night, even with a baby Tylenol to ease the pain. We came back on Sunday to take her to the doctor. When they called for Penny, my heart jumped a little as I am a chicken at the doctor's office, but our girl was brave and good. She turned and called, Grandmaaaaa as Mom took her into the office, so I followed her in. It was one of those grandma moments, I love that girl so.  I always had that helpless feeling when they were in NY and we were here.  It was so good to be able to be there, but the helpless feeling when our baby is sick is harder as a grandma than as a Mom. .
Snowdrops in the city.

Penny has an ear infection,  thank goodness for antibiotics.  We went to the drug store to fill her prescription, and  Sweet p. found a Pretty Pony and some other comforts.  Not the weekend we planned, but one where we were able to be there for our little family.
 Well, Spring is snowing all over Chicagoland this morning.
 We might have 4 to 5 inches.
 My dearest was my handyman hanging the banner I showed you last week.  It really is pretty.
 Welcome to our nest.
A snowy, cozy and relieved nest today.  Just face timed with the little one and she was pretending to be at the beach, wearing sunglasses, a backpack and flip flops with her pretty pony.   A happy and grateful grandma.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Needle in a Haystack

You've seen the commercial of the woman who can't find her keys because she absentmindedly puts them into the refrigerator. Her husband says something comforting like, "That's alright baby."  You know it isn't alright, she is slipping into dementia.  Well  there is a family history of just that, so when something happens, I lose something or can't find something I go to extremes.

I found this great fabric a while back at the thrift.(I have no problem finding things at the thrift ;-)  As soon as I saw it I wanted to make an apron. I found the pattern I had purchased  a decade ago, which in itself was amazing.    
 I haven't cut a pattern in a very long time, but it was like riding a bike, it all was going so well.
There is something calming about sewing.  Takes me back to my youth, my Mom sewed, and I learned in high school.  Thank you Miss Coletta.  I actually, as an adult, got to thank her when I ran into her at a store.
It's a skill learned that I use and enjoy often.  I digress...
 This is the wrap around Daisy Kingdom apron pattern.
It called for yard and yards of bias trim, but because the fabric I had was a tablecloth, I had to use what I had and went with strips cut on the straight of the grain.  First mistake.
 I sewed the binding on by machine.  The pattern is strange.  The binding went on in one piece, the neck, armholes and edge are one continuous piece.
Then I pinned the binding, preparing for the hand sewing to finish my apron.  This is were the needle comes in.  I placed a needle in my pincushion, after a few chores, it was gone.  I don't know if I knocked it off, accidentally grabbed it with the pins, swept it up with the trimming and the thread on the floor.  Anyway, this was my Dad's pet peeve.  If a needle went missing, and they did even when I was young, Dad would go crazy.  Some Polish thing, a urban legend about someone stepping on a needle that then travels the bloodstream and goes straight to the heart and kills you!  I'm calling this the curse of Dad, because I spent the next few hours looking for the dang needle.
When I didn't find it that day, I continued the next.  Cleared the table, under the table, vacuumed the floors, dumped the contents of the vacuum onto paper so I could sift through it and run a magnet through it.  In the process I moved the kitchen table, so I thought I'll wash the curtains...then I washed the windows inside and out.  Then I did the same at the patio doors.  All the while looking for the needle.
 I hung clean curtains in the family room, hung the now clean curtains from the family room to the living room.
 Vacuuming as I went, dumping the contents...No needle.
Hung some different hand towels by the sink in the kitchen.  No needle.  I wish I had a happy ending to this story, except for the fact that I got some spring cleaning out of the way, I haven't found the needle, yet...
The apron is finished and that too is not a happy ending.  It's very big and the binding, though done well, just doesn't lay right.  I'll post a photo of it as soon as I find my camera...just kidding.

Thanks for dropping by and for your patience with this old girl. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Few Spring Treasures

Sometimes, something jumps into your cart all by itself.  It just belongs to you and speaks to you.  No explanation required.
 This small florist bucket, anyway that's what I call it.  Galvanized, says it all.
I have purchased a handful of clothing items in the past.  Now my budget minded self cannot pay $40 for a top, just can't.  I got this one for $3.99, perfect for when a tee shirt just won't do. Do you like the color? ...reminds me of blue ball jars!
How about this scarf? Veggies!  I've decided that in my golden years, I am gonna let my bohemian inner hippy free.  If you see a crazy older woman with veggies on her head or around her neck, it's just me!

 Just 19 days till Easter... Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Update/Spring Edition

Our first weekend of Spring and it did not disappoint.  We started out on Friday for a ride into the country.
My dearest one had a root canal scheduled for Saturday morning, so we though we'd take off on Friday, not knowing how he'd feel after the procedure. These photos were taken over the whole weekend. Fortunately, all went well with my husband,  he just needed to decompress from the anxiety that seems to be involved in any dental procedure. It is a mental health thing for us to hop in the car and drive, listening to great music, or in silence with our thoughts.  It is rejuvenating to be out together, with no destination just the joy of the journey.  An old barn holds such charm, even in it's waning days.
 A old courthouse, set against a clear blue sky frosted with wispy clouds.
 Up in Wisconsin at Lake Geneva, fishermen were still on the ice.
 The gray skies made it look more like winter than spring.
Sunday after visiting with our baby grand, (she can do somersaults!) we took the scenic way home, up Lake Shore Drive to Sheridan Road along Lake Michigan.
Dear old girl never ever lets us down.  Beautiful in every season, in all kinds of weather.  Our all time favorite drive.  Now we head for home.
 On the campus of Northwestern University.  I don't know what this building is, but it looks like something out of Downton Abbey.
 If you can peek behind the buildings you'll see the Grosse Point Lighthouse.
 The sky on fire at sunset,
almost home.

 " Nature never did betray the heart that loved her." William Wordsworth

Thanks so much for your kind comments and for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


 Cause, it's oh so peaceful here
 No one bending over my shoulder
 nobody breathing in my ear
 Oh so peaceful here... I just found this song again on iTunes.  I saw Kenny Rankin the writer of this song as an opening act for of all people Cheech and Chong back in the day.(I think it was)  I was listening to the song as I started this post and it just fit.  Then I looked it up to find that Helen Reddy also had a hit with this song, gosh remember her, I am woman, hear me roar!  I grew up in an  interesting time for women.
 My guy, feeling good, looking great...glad to have my walking buddy back.
 The snow is melting and we've had a couple of beautiful days.  I got out to sweep the deck and putter a little.
 I cleaned this banner, it's huge, well over 6 foot tall.  A neighbor used to hang this every spring and I loved it so much, and told them so once at a garage sale at their house.  Fast forward a few years later and I found this banner at my front door  with a note from these dear folks, saying they were moving and remembered how much I liked the banner.  I think it was a store display, anyway as soon as honey has the time, it's going up this year.  After the winter we've had, Spring needs a big welcome..

I even potted a plant that I got for my birthday that had a tragic fall and lost all of it's soil.
Catching the sun as it was setting, love the longer days.  The light, oh yes...peaceful.
I finished this shawl.  Granny shawl made by a granny. That's it, all I have today...

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.