Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adding Bits of Autumn

What got into me yesterday is a mystery.  Sure, dearest had a meeting scheduled for around the dining room table.  I got up and cleaned, straightened and dusted.  Not much to do with just the two of us most days. The house stays clean, the laundry, minimal...oh how I miss that son o mine! ;-)  I started adding a few bits of Autumn.  Some florals here, a basket there...
 These frosty leaves from sweet SIL Elizabeth are favorites, so beautiful.
 Tossed here and there...
 Mini mums replace the roses under the large cloche...
This little beauty may have started my love of things under glass.  A gift from my BFF Sue over forty years ago.  How this little gem lasted through all those years is nothing short of a miracle.  On a recent visit, I showed it to Sue.  She didn't remember giving it to me, but remembered the gift shop we would visit in the
First National Bank Building where she most likely bought this.  We worked together at a law firm, Sue a secretary to one of the attorneys and I the receptionist.  I answered the switchboard...some of you may remember the big board with the plugs used to connect calls to each office.  Back in the middle ages!  I digress...
The paper leaves I cut and glued to a fallen branch in my large glass demijohn. When the first floor was in order, the pumpkin cake cut and the table set, I went upstairs to get out of the way.

I planned to crochet the afternoon away in our bedroom...then I went to open the blinds and the dust went flying.  I took off the curtains, and the blinds.  I took the blinds and took them to the bathroom and in the shower.  I got some paper towels and Windex and washed the windows, inside and out.  After the windows were clean, I cleaned the blinds, rehung them.  Took the curtains to the washer and grabbed the vacuum. What started out as a quiet afternoon turned into a deep cleaning event!

Later I talked to my sweet p.  I told her Grandma was pooped.  Then she told her Mommy, "Grandma pooped!"  Talking about his topic to a two year old is serious business. We straightened out the confusion with lots of laughs.   Today I  MUST crochet!  Wish me luck, and enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Don't you love when the hosta bloom?  Ours line our walk to the front door.  The only problem I have is keeping the bees from flying up my pants.  The bees just love these flowers and so does our resident hummingbird.  I thought of crocheting him a jacket, these days have been cold by September standards.
It is such a cheerful sight. Many who never notice the hosta in the spring and summer ask when I planted these when they are in full bloom.
 Yes, it's officially Autumn.
I made a large cozy for this half gallon ball jar.  Then I found these faux Chinese lanterns at Michael's.  A little raffia tied on...  Pretty, right?
 At the Wally Mart, Pumpkins!  
To the Fancy Pants Mall...these flowers in full bloom.  We walked the mall to see what the windows looked like for the fall and what the new magazines have to offer.  Little did I know that mayhem was just around the corner!
 As we walked I took a few photos of the beautiful evening sky.
 Even a parking lot can be lovely at dusk.
Holding my sweetie's hand, carrying a roll of wrapping paper under my arm, I tripped and was air born in a flash.  Thank goodness for my hubby's strong grip, he held me like a kite on a string until I regained my footing.  Landing on my feet shook my body to my spine.  If I had hit the sidewalk at that velocity, it wouldn't have been good.  Once again my dearest saved my life!  I was lucky to walk away without injury, except a sore shoulder, and dearest a sore hand.  I just read this paragraph to my husband... I wasn't sure I had used velocity correctly.  He said,  I would tell the story like this, "You tripped, I caught you." Ha!
Vive la difference! What a pair.
 Speaking of pairs, these sweet crochet pot holders came from a neighbor's garage sale.
 Look at all those tiny pansies.
 Then I added a set of measuring cups to my little collection.
Do these make you all warm and fuzzy inside?  I remember Mom and Buscia each having a set.

This week will find me working on a project...crocheting a baby afghan for a friend.  It is in parts right now, many many squares that need to be connected.  That should keep me off the streets for a while. Have a great week my friends and thank you for stopping by.  I so appreciate your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Graphic Calendar Panels

OK my friends and creative contemporaries...what do you think of these?  There are 12 panels, one for each month listing what veggies are in season.  They are large, 21 inches by 17 inches.  There is no manufacturer on the salvages, and all of my searches have turned up nothing similar.  I got all 12 of the panels for $2.99 at the local thrift.  They are so cool... now, what can I do with them?  Pillows, dishcloths, wall hangings, a quilt perhaps...

 I just wonder what they were intended for... If you have any ideas please share them in the comments.

 I also found this cute hot air balloon print, just 2 yards.
 A brand new Pottery Barn Kids twin fitted sheet, for Penny's future big girl bed.
There were a few yards of this, what we call in the pillowcase biz, a granny print.  This granny likes it!
I told my honey that I need to start sewing and stop acquiring more fabric for a while. I love the thrill of the hunt, and fabric that is just dollars a yard, but now is the time to put the sewing pedal to the metal.

Thanks for stopping by my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Friends and Family Weekend

Let's start with Thursday...I hosted our first Guild Meeting of the year.  I love seeing the girls again, talking about our service projects and year to come.  I jotted down a few statistics...our guild has made and donated 1,720 pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer!  Considering that we are just 20 members, working with bake sale funds, and donations of  fabric (that now sells for about 9.00 dollars a yard) and our wise and thrifty purchasing...that's over a $15,000.00 donation.  These wonderful women, guided by our fearless service project leader Jean are tireless.  I am so proud of our group.  These are the finest women, most generous and sweetest bunch ever.
 This photo is for dear Lynne...I saw the video too!
 A great start to another year of service.
 Then we had family time with my Emala, who is celebrating her 13th birthday today!  So sweet to spend time with my brothers, SIL's and Oma and Opa, Em's Grandma and Grandpa.
Everyone of the kids is growing so fast.  This is baby bug, rocking some pigtails, held by Grandma Elizabeth.
 Our first grader...sigh so special, my little bird.
Speaking of special, my favorite family rocked our Grandparents Day.  No, no new baby...anyway that's what I thought ;-), but their future may include a move back in Chicago!  My head is spinning just at the thought. We are years away from this possibility, but I had given up hope of it ever happening. I can't really believe it yet, I guess I'm in shock...but I know it's gonna be AMAZING!

I did some thrifting and scored some cool stuff that I will show you soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.  Take care my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Annual Visit to Edwards Orchard

We took a mental health day this week and ended up at the beautiful Edwards Orchard in Poplar Grove Illinois.  With just a few of the leaves turning, it was s perfect day to visit.
 The barn is beautiful outside and filled with goodies inside.
I almost never buy mums...I hate to pull the plants that are already in the pots out before they die in the first frost. They sure are lovely though...
 Clear blue sky!
 Lovin the chalkboard art,
 and these natural colored scarves.  I have Kristen looking on the streets of New York for some for me.
 Yes, sweetie and I are locally grown.  I love Illinois, it really is a beautiful state.

By the rivers gently flowing Illinois, Illinois
O'er thy prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois
Comes an echo on the breeze
Rustling through the leafy trees,
and these mellow tones are these, Illinois.

I love that song and recently found a beautiful folksy version on itunes.  I learned this song in grade school and it is rarely sung, except by me!  ;-)

 Apples...the cost sky high again this year, but so delicious!
 I added a strip of fabric to this Gratitude Garland.
Grateful for my hubby, children and baby grand...also for all of you... Have a great weekend.  Enjoy this beautiful day.