Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cue the geese...

  A morning walk in October never disappoints.
 The geese, the sky...
 The first signs of color in the trees.
 Autumn has come late this year.
 We might have flowers into November...
 The Lambs Ear show no signs of frost.
 Marigolds speak to me as mums never can.  The smell, you either love it or hate it.  I do love it so.
The skies, oh the clouds!

 I put out a few decorations...I made the throw from a perfect cotton fabric, and the owl pillow has seen a few Octobers. That's as Halloween as I get.
 So has the garland.
 These wooden pumpkins have graced this settle for many a year.
A welcoming entry says "It's cozy inside!"

The  Chicago Cubs won the wild card game and will now face the Cardinals.  I am enjoying seeing our town celebrate. Baseball...

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Update

 An early morning walk on a crisp autumn day.  (This was Friday)
 The sky just sparkles...
 and I have the streets to myself.
 Well I did have the moon.
 ...and the plants,
 and trees.
I picked up the Beekman 1902 Almanac.  It's on new stands now.  Josh and Brent are launching this new magazine.  Depending on how this issue goes they may publish it quarterly.  I love the look of it inside and out.  It features Tricia Foley a decorator and author I admire, recipes, a Beekman calendar ala Martha...  As I take the time to read each article I will report.  I have said before that these guys are the best.  I want to support all their endeavors!
 I can't get enough of these moody autumn skies.
 Yes, more parking lot photos.  It's where you can really see the sky without obstructions.
 The sky changes in minutes, and I stand in wonder.
We were so lucky to have another weekend visit with the small one. We went to find a sincere pumpkin patch.  She loved the pumpkin farm we always visited when Penny's Mom and Uncles were young.  It was cold, windy and overcast.   We froze, or I should say Grandma froze.  Penny was unfazed by the cold wind and visited every cartoon character.  Penny picked out the perfect pumpkin. A visit with the cousins, including a dance party capped Penny's visit.  So much joy having these girls together,
The Bears won, the Cubs are in a wild card game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.  I am not a big sports fan, but it seems to make the men folk happy with winning teams.  I finally updated my iPhone this weekend.  I got a hand me down phone from son Mike. Thanks pal!  This phone unlike my old phone is not run by squirrels.  The squirrels that ran my old iPhone were a fickle bunch.  They might open my camera...or send a photo if they felt like it.  It got to the point that I couldn't answer a call.  Hubby said the squirrels had to go. Great to have a working phone again... how I have come to depend on this lifeline to my family.

Mike starts a new job today.  Seems the thing to do this fall.  Good luck to my baby boy. (he just loves when I call him that ;-)

Oh October, you thrill me on the clear crisp days and vex me on the cloudy gloomy ones.   Today looks like the latter.  Sigh.

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Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Skies

Last evening the sky was filled with clouds that glowed red with the setting sun.  There is something special about the sky this time of year.
 It took my breath away.  I often wonder what people think as I stand in awe and take photos in a parking lot, gas station or in front of my home.  I think, why isn't everyone admiring this sky?
 This morning it was the same.  Pink and gray, the purest blue of a crisp morning sky.

I love October skies.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for all of your kind comments. 
Enjoy this beautiful day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another happy weekend.

 Was there anyone who wasn't moved by Pope Francis' visit to the US?  My Daughter saw this photo on my camera and said it was such a "Grandma thing" to do, take a picture of the TV.  Well. proudly, I am a Grandma and prefer to use my own photos.  (but actually I thought that myself as I was doing it, Ha;-)
 Baking for our Autumn bake sale at Church.  Seems that others were moved to generosity, we received a record amount of donations and purchases.
 The last of the beautiful flowers frm my garden.  The seashell cosmos' are finally in bloom, They are spectacular!
Speaking of spectacular, we spent some time with the small one this weekend.  She declared that she is no longer afraid of fish and asked to go back to the Grove in Glenview, Illinois. (Note, She still is kinda afraid of fish and really afraid of snakes and not too fond of turtles.) There at a historic cabin, children were encouraged to do chores.  Well, Penny took to chores like a duck takes to water.  She is a natural old fashioned girl.

How she loved hanging out the wash.  I  had to ask her to leave some for the other children.
 Thiis girl is so much fun.
I'm on the lookout for another little broom.  We had one but I think it ended up being a prop for another little one's costume.

 Sunday...Seems all the girls from Women's Club were in the baking mood.  The proceeds benefit our many service projects...
...some of which are shown here with my dear friend Carmella. I am so proud of our Guild and love all the remarkable women I call my sisters.

Our dear Charlotte, son Jon's fiancee, celebrated her birthday at home with us with homemade pizza and mini pumpkin cheesecakes.  It is so wonderful to have family together, for any reason, but especially when it's someone as dear as our Charlotte's special day.
 The girls loved hanging the laundry together as much as Penny did at the cabin.  Oh course Grandma had everything already at home
 Penny's first festive arrangement.  She took all the coasters and made this pretty arrangement on a candle.
Yes, a chip off the old block I'd say!
Of course we sat out and enjoyed the beauiful super moon, until the clouds rolled in.

I was able to watch later from my upstairs window when the skies cleared.. The blood red Moon was stunning!  A perfect ending to a happy weekend.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Changes, Big and Small

Out to the curb!  Not my dearest, but the big brown couch.  I had to take a photo after it's farewell journey to the curb for pickup.  It never did make it to garbage day...It was gone in the early morning...I thought I heard a truck stop late last night, as  trucks do on garbage night here in the burbs.  It had some life in it,and it saw plenty of good times here...  The problem with this sofa, with the chaise, is that for it's size it only sat a couple of people.  Once you got in this sofa it took a real effort to get out. So with son Jon's assistance we got it out to the garage, then for garbage day, hubby and I got it on a 4 wheel dolly and we rolled it to the end of the driveway!
 A few photos for posterity
 I even caught a neighbor out for a walk.  He told us his daughter felt so bad about a sofa they got rid of, she kept a arm protector and pillow .  We've had far too many sofas to be sentimental.
 The first day of Autumn finds me  ready.  Our mantel says, FALL!
These chairs will temporarily fill in the family room.  I am considering moving my "studio " space here.
It's a great space, just off the kitchen, eastern facing windows.  There are times when we need this room...Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, when the whole family gathers, but the 362 other days, all my stuff is in the basement.  I can''t work in the basement.  So my conundrum.
 Working by the fireplace in the middle of winter is a romantic notion of mine.
 Early morning view of the living room where we do in fact most of our living.
 These Rowe sofas are sturdy and comfortable.  Their cushions fashion a great fort or cozy nest. ;-) I would love to have them slip covered, but for now it looks great.
 I brought down my Mom's round table that I was using as a nightstand.  I didn't buy one thing and got a completely new living room.
My copper fire pit coffee table, filled with dried lavender, hydrangea and sunflowers.

The other changes, well they are coming too.  New jobs for my dearest, our son in law and for our youngest. Happy changes too.  Today I will count my blessings, as I try to do every day.  I hope all is well with you my friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day.