Friday, October 24, 2014

The Grove in Glenview Illinois

 The Grove is located right off Milwaukee Avenue in Glenview Illinois.  I used to take our kids there on days off, or when the cousins were visiting.  Now we've taken our babygrand.   We love to stop by for a walk in the woods. So we stopped on a beautiful crisp fall day.

 It was already late in the day, but the woods called.  It's a strange feeling, being in the woods, but still being able to hear the traffic in the distance on Milwaukee Ave.
 The sky was so crisp and blue...
 So many pretty spots...
 Beautiful, tranquil...
 In the woods, a Gingerbread House...
Hansel going in for bite! ;-)  A thirty minute vacation.  Good for the heart and soul.

Have a great weekend dear ones.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Granny's Revenge

I started this shawl a couple of years ago.  Our Guild calls them Prayer Shawls.  We make them for family, friends and strangers who are ill and need support and the comfort of knowing that they are remembered in prayer and surrounded with love.  It is really a lovely thing.  The Granny's Revenge part is this particular granny shawl pattern has caused me much trouble. I start things and put them down all the time. It is a great pattern.  I love the granny rectangle.  Since I started making it so long ago, I have lost the pattern of the starting or foundation chain... and now that this one is going, I want to make another.
I have been looking for the pattern for months.  Even Google is annoyed with me.  As soon as I google granny scarf or granny rectangle the search goes, VISITED...and the dates...It doesn't say, You Again?...but it wants to!  I've just about torn my house apart looking for the slip of paper or notebook I surely wrote it down in.  Now, there are other techniques to make the rectangle, but I cannot find this caterpillar type foundation that makes a really sturdy and beautiful center. It is driving me crazy! (As Dad would say, "It's not a drive, it's a short putt.)
Since it is in the middle of a seven foot shawl, I cannot reverse engineer it.  I have not been able to replicate the stitch with my pea sized problem solving brain.  I hate when that happens. I even posted this picture on a crochet site asking for help....No one seems to know.
So my revenge, make another kind of granny shawl. One that's in my head and a good way to use small scraps. I'll show you! ( no one in particular!) ;-) It feels so good to stop looking, she says half heartedly.
Let's change the subject...
Loving the smell of these pine cones and cinnamon sticks.  I added some pumpkin spice scented oil and it fills the house.  I got the oil at Edwards Apple Orchard.
...And then there were 5 beautiful orchids on my tiny plant.  What a unexpected pleasure watching this little plant bloom.

Recently, we took a lovely Autumn walk at The Grove in Glenview, Illinois.  I have some photos I'll share tomorrow.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments. Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Around the House

 A perfect imprint of a fallen leaf on the concrete...
 All of the branches of the honey locusts are bare...
I am crafting...

Thinking about my Mom.  Tomorrow it will be 30 years since I lost her.  Two weeks before I had our son Mikey.  I was thirty, Mike will be thirty in two weeks...Unbelievable how quickly time passes.  Missing Mom is just a part of me now.  Having Mikey to take care of was a blessing to me and my Dad who was lost after Mom left us.  Grateful I had the kind of Mom mine was.  Kind and generous, talented and quick to laugh.  Beautiful inside and out.  The sweetest Grandma to our kids, and a  kind and loving Mother to my hubby.  Remembering a million happy memories.  October will always be hard...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Update

Since we had so much to do during the week, our weekend was pretty low key.  We walked at the Lake, but not on the beach as we  usually do.  There was no beach to speak of. The Lake was churning and roaring, and the beach was covered in pools of water washed up by the waves.  It was thrilling and awesome and scary all at the same time.  I have never heard the Lake roar and rumble like it did Saturday.
The sky was many shades of gray, and the wind was very cold.  We weren't really prepared for the wind and our walk was brisk but protected on the road where it was at least 20 degrees warmer. It took a while for our hands to thaw, but the amazing experience was worth the discomfort we felt.

 Early Sunday we went to the local thrift.  We had the place almost to ourselves, being early birds and wanting to get home before the Bear's game.  (They lost!)  I found a few cool things,  The little pilgrim girl, an oval mirror, a vintage 2 cup measuring bowl and a bag of yarn.
 She'll look great under a cloche.
This mirror had some funky decals on it that came off with a razor blade and a little adhesive remover.  It has two holes so it can be hung with a ribbon.
So many uses, and in my kitchen at the holidays, every bowl I have gets used. You might see a giant jar of pretzels behind the bowl.  A generous gift for no reason at all, found on our doorstep.  We have the sweetest friends. Thank you Jean and Tom.
The yarn was a kit to make a wreath for autumn, which I won't ever make.  Seven skeins of yarn for $4 was a deal.  Yarn will never go to waste, if I can't use it, Kristen will. You'd think after my last crochet project I wouldn't be thinking of crochet, but actually now that I can make whatever I want, I really want to crochet.  First, I am finishing a prayer shawl that I started long ago and there is a need for now.
While the beef stew for dinner cooked, we walked the neighborhood.  There is so much beauty just outside our door.  I never get tired of English Valley, in fact, I always dreamed of a place where nature was close enough to enjoy everyday.(More than a sparrow, a squirrel and the tree in the parkway.)  Growing up in the city, seeing a flock of geese fly by was a rare occurrence indeed.
 It is so peaceful and calming.  I so appreciate the beauty of a Autumn day.

 A neighbor's hydrangea kissed by frost.
 The kind of litter I really love.
No words, just sighs.

Thanks for stopping by my friends, and for all of your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Daniel Tiger, Beekman Boys and Groundhog Day

 Such a fun project to assemble, my babygrand's costume for Halloween.  Penny loves Daniel Tiger, so we went searching for all the elements to make her the perfect tiger.  I even made a tee shirt for under her costume featuring all the friends from Daniel's neighborhood.  Before I stuffed it all in a box to mail, I filled each pocket with fun sized packages of m&m's!  Being a grandma is so much fun!  Having a little one who gets so excited about everything is priceless!
My dearest took me to Woodstock to see our friends Josh and Brent, aka The Beekman Boys.  It was a part of an creative series at the historic Woodstock Opera House.
 We had the best time.  Josh and Brent spoke about their journey and about overcoming obstacles, viewing life from a positive prospective...all things we need to remember and appreciate about life, especially if things are not going your way.  It was especially meaningful to my husband who is at a crossroads in his career.  
 Hearing the story again about how they started their business, the bumps along the way and their humble
take on the great success of their company Beekman 1802 was inspiring.
 Then we waited to have Josh and Brent sign their latest book, The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook.
Charming, sweet and delightful...success has not changed these guys. We were the second from the last of a long line.  Josh and Brent signed our book and  we talked about Farmer John and crochet of all things and with a heartfelt, " Thank you Penny" from Brent sent us on our way.  I love those guys!

I just wanted to mention that Josh and Brent were leaving for a conference call with Target.  Starting Oct. 26th, Super Target will begin selling the Beekman's Mortgage Lifter Pasta Sauce.  Twenty five percent of the profits go to help struggling small American farmers.  Check it out!
We haven't been to Woodstock's downtown area in years and years.  I had to go to the gazebo and take a photo.  The film Groundhog Day was filmed right there.  I thought it should be mandatory for them to play the Pennsylvania Polka 24/7.  It would also be nice to have a life sized cutout of Bill Murray to take a photo with!

A great day, inspiring, fun and I can't get the Pennsylvania Polka out of my head!

Have a great weekend my friends. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!