Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My World, Self Portrait

My world revolves around  the seasons and Husband, our Children, our little bird, our Family...our home and garden...Friends... my Guild Sisters and our work...creating, sewing, crocheting, blogging, having fun, cooking, cleaning, decorating our home, baking...  It's a little world, but it's mine, welcome to it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Things at the Flea Market

Saw this camper and thought of friend wants to find a "canned ham" to glam up.   Sorry, this vintage one was not for sale.
 How cute is this guy.  The talented artist made things out of  repurposed things...too cool.  What an imagination!
 There are always cool cars at the flea market.  Cool guys too ;-)
 This rusty flower came home with us...
as did this aluminum leaf and cherry and strawberry table runner.  I've never seen a vintage runner before and the price was right...
This cement leaf bowl is something I'd like to try and make myself.  Until then, this one is so pretty with just a little water, and a blossom or two.

The Flea Market was at Wilmot...
One dollar admission, plenty of parking, wide aisles, friendly vendors and cool stuff at great prices. What more could you want on a perfect June morning... 

Ok, It wasn't a perfect day...we were rear ended on the way to the one was hurt and our car was fine...(a tank) and  the other car was scratched.   Just a truth in blogging moment.  Have a great day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Garden Update

 I've been neglecting my blog, sorry for that.  Parts of our family are on the move.  As designated Baby Wrangler, I've had my hands full o love!  The small one has been my constant companion.  We've gardened, rummaged and grocery shopped.  Painted, colored, watched movies, ate pb&j sandwiches, snuggled and laughed.  She is pure pleasure. Being on the computer is not an option.  Still, things are progressing in the garden. 
 The arbor has been saved!  It only took a little while to right it again, though the bittersweet got a big trim. 

 We had to anchor it to the ground in a different manner.  It's not pretty, but sturdy.  From the street it looks fine.
The Annabelle hydrangea's are about ready to pop.  Everything is late this year, from our cold springtime.  I don't know if I'll get one flower on my hydrangea's out front.  They set the flowers early, usually before the big blood maple out front leafs out, but not this year.  This is the year of the hosta.  Perfect conditions for them, and I've planted some new varieties.

We had a loss in our Guild Family this week.  Our dear Adeline's husband, Deacon Ed died.  Ed was a wonderful warm person.  He lived his faith, and shared it whenever we would meet.  He had a habit of blessing those around him...literally making the sign of the Cross on your forehead, every time we met.  Such a small act of faith, but one that moved me every time.  He lead a wonderful life in service to others.  Please remember our dear Adeline in your prayers.

Every day is a blessing, enjoy this beautiful day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First Day of Summer

I haven't had much time for posting, crafting or catching up on my magazines. We were blessed to have a houseful of family for almost a week. We had my niece, my great niece, our daughter, our oldest son and girlfriend and our son Mike home at different times, and we were all together for Father's Day. Those days are rare, and I look forward to them so much. I miss them all when they go home, but I also enjoy getting back to our routine.
I crave time for creativity, and feel bad when I'm not accomplishing much. These are a couple of the projects I have going...the never ending shawl and a crochet edge on one of my pillowcases. My friend Barb sent me a link to someone who crochets edges on pillowcases. I told her about my Buscia, who embroidered and crocheted the edge of every pillowcase I ever slept on as a child. There are few new ideas, just revamping of old ones, don't you think? I always have a few pillowcases I've sewn, and thought I'd give it a try.

We had some big storms go through the Chicago area last night.  We woke up to things knocked over, including our brand new gazing ball for the little bird's garden.

It was just a little dirty and didn't break!

Can't say the same about my arbor.  This may be curtains for this one. We'll have to see if it can be saved.  That bittersweet vine may have to go too. 

Remember Gilda Radner, when she did Roseanne Rossannadanna...  "Well, it just goes to show you, it's always something.  If it ain't one thing, it's another!"  ;-) That about sums it up around here...

Just another day at the Farm in the Willows, a romantic name for our home,  right here in English Valley. 

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Monday, June 20, 2011


The arbor is being pulled down by the bittersweet vine.  The roses I thought might share the arbor, climbed to the top to get the sunlight they needed.  These blooms are 8 feet up! 

 My lavender is blooming, and I am so pleased.
 The kiwi vine is pretty in pink...

and the first of the day lilies are ready to pop.  Take time to smell the my case,  I'll need a ladder! Enjoy this beautiful day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Remembering my Dad today, and celebrating my Husband, the best father ever. The pure pleasure of having all our kids home to spend the day is truly priceless.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once There Were Green Fields...

Another obscure song reference for all you "folkies" out there. Yes, we have green fields once again. The weather that has been the scorn of every kid home on vacation, has been working it's magic on our new lawn.

It's been perfect for me, with a busy schedule this week and not much time for the garden. OUR DAUGHTER IS COMING HOME FOR A VISIT, a service night to prepare for and a top secret project that has a deadline that's sneaking up on me.

I'll have my nest filled, and nothing makes me happier.
This morning, I'm taking a moment to bask in the glory of these tiny blades of grass. Enjoy this beautiful day!

You didn't see the photos before, because I was over my limit with Google and had to purchase space!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Field of Dreams

Looking at the yard from the second floor window, I'm reminded of one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams.  Ray Kinsella mows down his cornfield to build a baseball diamond.  A voice tells him to do it, and he does.  A leap of faith.  I guess that's what it took for us to start over in our yard. It looks a little like a baseball diamond, doesn't it?

Little by little we're planting our new garden.  I'm watering the lawn, twice a day as per our instructions.  The birds, especially the Robins and a Mourning Dove are enjoying the turned soil and the grass seed.  Hope there's some left to grow.

Everything but the kitchen sink is on the deck right now.  All the tools, potting soil, pots and our little bird's pool and wagon.
This is the little bird's garden.  We're late but planted pumpkins and sunflowers.  She is so excited.

 Progress report...the living wreath is doing well and filling in.
I saw a bucket at the perennial farm...  $35! This was Dad's bait can...sorry Dad. (I put a few holes in the bottom.)  I never went fishin' and I think this is a better use for your bucket

The hens and chicks are planted in our old boots.  The regular chores call to me today...Post office, groceries and a 50% coupon at Michael's is calling.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rediscovering Our Garden

A long time ago, two city dwellers bought a house on a quarter acre.  They had big dreams, and big plans to keep the garden in it's easy to care for style.  Perennials in a shade garden surrounding a small pond.  How hard could it be to keep up?  Day One.  My husband Tyke, is literally hit by a truck.  He suffers a shattered hip.  It's  months before he is able to climb the stairs and sleep in his own bed.  Gardening takes a back seat.  The garden took care of itself...until.  One morning we woke up to strange light coming into the back of our house.  In the night a strong wind broke the beautiful silver maple that provided the shade for our beautiful perennial shade garden. Split it down the middle!  Nine hundred dollars later, we had a shade garden in full sun.  The rest is history.  All the shade loving plants died and others took their place.  Grasses, thistles, weeds of every sort took up residence in our garden.  We, the city dwellers were not equipped to deal with this turn of events, and eventually stopped trying.
 Where's the pond?
 I think I saw a monkey in this jungle...
 It's taking over the house!
 We took drastic measures.  Reduced the size of our garden plot, and increased the size of our lawn.
 Looks pretty bleak right now.
We are replanting this smaller garden with some of my favorites, it's a WIP but we're getting it done a little at a time.
This guy came to visit and let me get this close!  Someone took a bite out of his wing!  I called him Nemo, for reasons obvious to all who hang out with two year olds on a regular basis. He flew just fine and hung around for several minutes.  It was the highlight of our day of chores around the garden and shed.
All that's left of this part of the garden are these roses.  I think it's a good place to start.  I'm going back outside, while we are enjoying these mild temperatures.  Wish me luck!