Friday, June 3, 2011

Hanging with my Sisters

I've mentioned my Guild Sisters before.  Twenty six of them!  We are all so different.  Different ages, experiences...some are Moms, some are not, some are Grandmas, Aunties...young, some young at heart, some are working, some retired.  When you get us in a room together, there is sure to be hugs and kisses, prayers and support but mostly fun and laughter.  Last night we had our end of the year dinner. 


We started our dinner with a prayer, lead by one of our sisters, Kathy.  Kathy is a 5 year breast cancer survivor.  She knows what's important in life, and has shown us courage and strength.  She remembered all who are suffering and struggling right now, and inspired us to put our faith into action.


That's what these wonderful women do best.  We recently made 111 pillowcases for Con-Kerr Cancer, because a local hospital's supply had run short. (In the short time we've been involved ,we've donated over 500 pillowcases.  If you know the cost of a yard of fabric today, it's no small thing!) Thousands of blankets, hats, prayer shawls have been made and donated.  Thousands of bears have been cut, sachet hearts sewn, charms made and go off into the community...all from these great women.  Jean is our "service project coordinator".  She finds us projects, talks to the hospitals...finds the need and then fills them.  She's dynamic, organized and is constantly doing good.  An inspiration, that's what she is to me and to all of us.

There is Diane, Sue, Elizabeth, Jane, Pat, Cathy, Mary, Mary, Adeline, Judy, Mary Alice, Donna, Shirley, Jeanie, Karen, Theresa, Susan, Jane, Valerie, Margo, Kathy, Marci, and Mary... Each of these unique women make up our Guild.  Each an important part of the whole.  They deserve a party... and my admiration, friendship and love. 

 A nicer, more generous bunch of women you will never find...

And you, dear Carmella, my sister, most faithful commenter extraordinaire...  a special thank you!  Carmella enjoys my blog, and makes me feel so good about what I do here.

We'll take the summer off  from the business of our Club, but continue our service projects through the summer.  That's just the way we roll!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day.


cityfarmer said...

Pennuy, I just ❤ you ...
you are involved with such wonderful women in your life.
I am proud to call you friend ...

tikascm said...


You are the glue of our guild. We look to you for love, guidance, encouragement, organization, ideas to help others. I thank God everyday for bringing my "sisters" into my live, BUT ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. You have helped me so much by listening when I am "broken" and always being there with love and hugs when I so need them. THANK YOU BY BEAUTIFUL PAL. Warm hugs & blessings - Carmella

Lynne said...

It sounds like the the guild is a wonderfull "sister community". I am impressed with the many things you have done. The pillowcase project alone is quite the endeavor! I am sure you are one of the gals who is instrumental in keeping the guild alive. Continue to enjoy the blessings.
Love, Lynne

Karena said...

Penny I am so happy to find your site!It is so great to have dear friends like this!A very special group of women.

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Sounds like a graet group of girls! You're lucky to have them (and they you!)