Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Garden Update

 I've been neglecting my blog, sorry for that.  Parts of our family are on the move.  As designated Baby Wrangler, I've had my hands full o love!  The small one has been my constant companion.  We've gardened, rummaged and grocery shopped.  Painted, colored, watched movies, ate pb&j sandwiches, snuggled and laughed.  She is pure pleasure. Being on the computer is not an option.  Still, things are progressing in the garden. 
 The arbor has been saved!  It only took a little while to right it again, though the bittersweet got a big trim. 

 We had to anchor it to the ground in a different manner.  It's not pretty, but sturdy.  From the street it looks fine.
The Annabelle hydrangea's are about ready to pop.  Everything is late this year, from our cold springtime.  I don't know if I'll get one flower on my hydrangea's out front.  They set the flowers early, usually before the big blood maple out front leafs out, but not this year.  This is the year of the hosta.  Perfect conditions for them, and I've planted some new varieties.

We had a loss in our Guild Family this week.  Our dear Adeline's husband, Deacon Ed died.  Ed was a wonderful warm person.  He lived his faith, and shared it whenever we would meet.  He had a habit of blessing those around him...literally making the sign of the Cross on your forehead, every time we met.  Such a small act of faith, but one that moved me every time.  He lead a wonderful life in service to others.  Please remember our dear Adeline in your prayers.

Every day is a blessing, enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Like the clay pot wreath. Creative indeed! Impatiens are looking good, do you hang this or is it too heavy?