Sunday, June 12, 2011

Almost Heaven, Part Deux

Yesterday, I posted photos of our visit to the Northwind Perennial Farm.  I had no words to describe the beauty.  Every turn brought another spectacular vista into view. 

This weekend the garden hosted an Antique Show. It was a magical setting, the beautiful gardens filled with great junk and with so many vintage pieces.  The vendors were scattered throughout the gardens and buildings. There were great architectural pieces, the windows and doors and hardware that make my heart go pitter pat.
This table gave me a idea, since I no longer use my coffee table that was once a window.  When I tire of it on my buffet, this may be it's next incarnation, a dining table for the garden. 

I also decided to get some vintage pieces I have in the basement out into the garden, where they can get extra chippy and develop that great weathered patina we all go crazy for.
A complete picnic set...  Sitting in the grass...  Stayed in the grass!  Tyke tried to convince me I needed yet another one.
 There were many wire and metal pieces...shutters in all shapes and sizes, all shabby and distressed.
 This little shed was filled with antiques and cool accessories.
I've been seeing these at all the shows...vintage glass stacked and bolted onto stakes for the garden.  If I was only willing to give up a few pieces...I use them each and every time I entertain, and some are precious because they were my Mom's.
What a centerpiece to a formal garden, any garden really.  The garden had birdhouses everywhere, and  I don't think I saw two of the same kind.
 It was an overcast day, but the colors still popped.  An old fashioned rose, so fragrant and pretty.

My purchases...A lemon verbena, hens and chicks, and a vintage aluminum tray.
We will go back very soon, during the week, with hopes of having the place to ourselves. Today it's back to reality, and my own garden that needs my attention.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

xxoo Thanks Tyke

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