Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy May Day

What does May mean to you? May is the birth month of my brother Larry, my niece Tracy, of three of the sweetest friends, Jean, Kathy and Jane. It's the month of Mother's Day and May Crowning. The month of Blessed Mother. The month I met my husband. "Let all thy joys be as the month of May" quote by Francis Quarles. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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The Blogger Purse Works!

When visiting a friend, she showed me this perfect nest in the hedge in front of her home. WAIT!, I exclaimed. I HAVE MY CAMERA! Yes, I had my camera. Isn't this nest beautiful? Sooo wonderful. The color of those eggs! Mother Robin was close by giving us an ear full. I went home and loaded my photo on to Picasa, where I was able to print out postcard sized prints onto watercolor paper. I am going to mount them on note cards as a gift for the "expectant parents".

I'm checking out some sales this weekend, and hoping to have some good finds to show you. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

NY Girl Visits Susan B.

This is the SMARTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, my daughter Kristen. Over the weekend she visited her dearest friend since first grade Jen, who lives in Rochester, NY. They visited the grave of Susan B. Anthony. I confess, I knew Susan B. as a suffragette, instrumental in getting women the vote. Well, she was so much more. You can find it all here. She fought for equal pay for women in the 1860's, something that was just in the news this week. (150 years and we are still fighting for equal pay?) Kristen knows about all these things. She's read everything she could get her hands on since she was very small. She inspires me, and makes me think. I like that about her, well, I like everything about her. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Serious Blogger's Purse

Well, in my continuing commitment to serious blogging, I bought a purse that I can carry my camera in. I am not a fancy purse girl, though I own a few fancier ones than the one I regularly carry. I carry it across my shoulder in a J.J. Bittenbinder approved way. ( A Chicago detective who gave talks in the 80's about women's safety.) My little black purse held JUST the essentials, wallet, hand cream, hand sanitizer, tissues, a small amount of makeup, my phone, a pen and calendar. It was all lined up in a very orderly way. No room for my keys, so I have them on a carabiner. A clip, to those of you who are not veteran hang gliders. (I'm not kidding!) (OK, I did it once!) Anyway, I want to have my camera, at the ready! So.... Yesterday, I emptied my little black, and filled my bigger green. Quite spontaneously, hubby decided we needed to test out the truck just back from the shop. In 30 minutes we are at Gillson Park on My Lake Michigan. A beautiful full moon hung in the sky, and my camera... on my desk, at home. Oh well, baby steps. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Easter Decorations Come Down

Before I put all these things away, I thought I might show you these wire cloches I made from baskets from the local craft store. Just add a glass nob at the top. Dear hubby cut off the long part of the screw that was left inside with his trusty dremmel tool. They are glittery and looked great with the other pastel decorations. In the background is an egg I covered with sheet music. I made a ruffle around it with more music. I used my xyron and red line tape, no regular glue. I got this idea from Joan at Anything Goes Here. Spring will stick around the house for a few more weeks. I have so much to do before our windows are installed. I need a couple of those pod things to hold all the stuff that's in front of all my windows. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Pot Wreath

A few years ago I made this flower pot wreath, it as easy as can be, just a little heavy and awkward to work with. It's weathered nicely with a little moss, and is a welcoming addition to the not so pretty chain link gate. All you need is pots in several sizes. They need to have a drainage hole because that's how you wire them to a sturdy grapevine wreath. I used regular floral wire, the kind you get on a paddle at the craft store. I also used the wire to attach the wreath to the gate. It gets pretty heavy after all the pots are attached. All you do is run long lengths of wire through the pots, and attach randomly to the wreath. I started with the large ones and filled in with the small. I was thinking that with the different varieties of peat and coir pots that it would be cool to make one for inside. It would be much lighter and you could use hot glue to hold them on the wreath. The arbor has a bittersweet vine actually pulling the arbor down, it's so strong. On the other side is a kiwi vine. It makes this side entrance to our back yard (as we Chicagoan's call the garden) very inviting.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's raining...

What to do on a rainy Sunday. No Sunday ride in the rain. No gardening. No flea market, no sales. The whole day ahead, with no plans. Don't you just love a rainy day! Have a happy one.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

One Pillow Leads To Another

Here are some pillows that I made this week. I love printing on fabric. I used the freezer paper method...Press fabric (lightweight muslin) on to the shiny side of freezer paper. The plastic works as an adhesive to hold the fabric in place, so you can run it through the printer. I have an hp photosmart printer, but I think any printer will get good results. You need to cut the sheet to 81/2 by 11. I use my rotary cutter. I hand feed the sheets and have had excellent results. Make sure the fabric is on the freezer paper tight. I haven't tried to wash one of these yet, but they should be permanent, especially if you iron them again before using them to embellish or whatever. It's kinda addictive, since there are so many wonderful graphics available on the web.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grownup Kitty

With 5 minutes notice, my kitchen was invaded by my youngest son and 2 of his friends. They wanted to bake a birthday cake for one of their friends. All they had was a piece of paper with an outline drawing. I was very skeptical about what the finished cake would look like. (And, what my kitchen would look like!) Well, they did a great job. They even made the fondant! They are musicians, heavy metal types, but I guess creativity is creativity. They are creative with their music and now with cake! They sure surprised me, and will certainly surprise the birthday girl. Happy Birthday J. Bakers, I salute you!

(I had to delete an earlier post when I heard the birthday girl reads my blog!)

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Road Trip

A long standing tradition in our family is the Sunday Road Trip.
When our kids were young a ride was a planned event. Today my husband and I just GO!
Wisconsin is just 45 minutes away...with the husband driving.
We headed North to Lake Geneva.
We saw this cool old building...

The sky was beautiful, just a few clouds...

Made my husband turn around to get a photo of this vintage sign. We were home in time to have dinner with our sons. Do you like a Sunday drive?

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bleeding Hearts

It's hard to photograph moving objects. The wind made it hard to capture the beauty and complexity of these flowers. Another everyday miracle.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

White Violets

A section of our lawn is covered in white violets. I've never seen one before on our lawn or in our garden. We have regular violets too, hundreds of them. In the language of flowers, white violets mean you are choosing happiness with someone. I've chosen happiness, or has happiness chosen me? Anyway you look at it, I am blessed. Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work in Progress

This is what I've been doing this week, along with a little baby wrangling, playing nurse to my dearest and the usual restless craft pursuits. The pillow was one I saw at the Greyslake show. I can do that... So I did. I love printing onto muslin, and have so many graphics shared on the web by generous bloggers. The hearts are for the hospital. Tonight we'll get together and stuff and decorate them with the ribbon bows and charms, as well as sew more pillowcases. The flowers are ones I've made before with regular acrylic yarn, this take is with cotton, I plan to tea stain them and attach a woolen leaf also tea stained. I was thinking of adding some religious metals to the center (inspired by Anne Marie), or a little seam binding ribbon in blue. I missed the meteor last night, my youngest saw it so I hugged him this morning to get some of the lucky space dust. What are my chances of seeing a comparable meteor....Billions and Billions to 1!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creativity Runs...

In our family. Have a look see at the "Muno" that my dear daughter crocheted for a small friend. This one eyed guy is a star of Yo Gabba Gabba. Our little bird is a fan of Pooh and Elmo, so I'm not that familiar with him. I love how she photographed him, with little treasures. That's me and my Buscia, in the charm with the heart. The small painting by our beloved Aunt, the family artist. A photo of a dear friend, tragically gone too soon. Good Times with Mrs. C. in the photo booth. That other furry guy has a party in his tummy! Thanks to my girl for allowing me to share her creativity. Yes, I am very proud.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first comment...

Sweetie, step aside you have company. My friend Joy from the Illinois Bloggers stopped by and left a comment. I'm so excited, and terrified. My first reader has loved me since the day she was born, my smart, sweet, passionate and brave daughter. ( With my wonderful sons and husband occasionally dropping by for a look see.) Now, even though Joy has been nothing but inspiring and supportive, I hope I have the courage to put MYSELF out there. Me with all my pollyannaish... the cup is half full...with rose colored glasses world.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Vintage Show

We went to our first Grayslake Antique Market. So many cool things, but I was good and purchased just the suitcase, hymnal and beautiful tea dyed, handmade flower. It was made by Joan, from Anything Goes Here. She is an Illinois Blogger and a true inspiration. Her beautiful take on vintage inspired handmade items, old books, furniture pieces and antiques was right up my alley. I've been inspired by her blog on numerous occasions, and was so glad to have the time to chat.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bake Sale

How do small organizations raise funds for their service projects? The good old fashioned Bake Sale. We are able to do so much with the money we make. Our Guild, with 24 members, makes hats and blankets for well babies, as well as for those that do not survive. We make sachet hearts that are a keepsake for Moms that lose a baby. These items go to 4 local hospitals. We make pillowcases for children with life threatening illness. We designed and make angel charms for the local Mental Health Center, and support their Day Center with art supplies, food items for their pantry and gifts for the holidays. We purchased pillows, sheets and blankets for 18 beds for their residential apartments. We knit and crochet prayer shawls that are presented to those facing illness, or to comfort those in crisis. Our oldest service project is purchasing fabric and cutting bears for a program that has handmade bears in every ambulance and fire pumper in Chicago. I am so proud to be a part of this generous group, women who make a difference with their time and talents. And it all starts at a bake sale. Buy the chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies, they're delicious, and for a good cause.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pickers Part Deux

Here's the rest of the loot. The prize of the day, my lunch pail, $4! I may carry it around with a pb&j all the time, so cool. The wheelbarrow planter for my dear SIL Betty, she'll put something beautiful in it. The cut, or pressed glass bowl $4. I have many pieces, some were my Mom's, now I find them pretty often. Sometimes priced right to justify another piece! And the piece of resistance...A Hawaiian shirt for a little bird, .50. We had so much fun. Aloha.
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