Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Easter Decorations Come Down

Before I put all these things away, I thought I might show you these wire cloches I made from baskets from the local craft store. Just add a glass nob at the top. Dear hubby cut off the long part of the screw that was left inside with his trusty dremmel tool. They are glittery and looked great with the other pastel decorations. In the background is an egg I covered with sheet music. I made a ruffle around it with more music. I used my xyron and red line tape, no regular glue. I got this idea from Joan at Anything Goes Here. Spring will stick around the house for a few more weeks. I have so much to do before our windows are installed. I need a couple of those pod things to hold all the stuff that's in front of all my windows. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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cityfarmer said...

this beautiful day was spent entirely in my back yard ... looks like you did some clean up, too ..

it feels so good doesn't it?

I can see that I'm going to enjoy YOUR yard