Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work in Progress

This is what I've been doing this week, along with a little baby wrangling, playing nurse to my dearest and the usual restless craft pursuits. The pillow was one I saw at the Greyslake show. I can do that... So I did. I love printing onto muslin, and have so many graphics shared on the web by generous bloggers. The hearts are for the hospital. Tonight we'll get together and stuff and decorate them with the ribbon bows and charms, as well as sew more pillowcases. The flowers are ones I've made before with regular acrylic yarn, this take is with cotton, I plan to tea stain them and attach a woolen leaf also tea stained. I was thinking of adding some religious metals to the center (inspired by Anne Marie), or a little seam binding ribbon in blue. I missed the meteor last night, my youngest saw it so I hugged him this morning to get some of the lucky space dust. What are my chances of seeing a comparable meteor....Billions and Billions to 1!
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Rebecca said...

Hi Penny!
Glad I found you...
We met at the bloggers party.
You are so industrious, I seem to be walking through mud lately.