Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Update

It must be Autumn, there was a bake sale this weekend for our Women's Club.  My contribution in part was
lemon or pumpkin flavored muddy buddies in jars that I covered in the cozies I've been crocheting.
 I found this great stamp this summer and knew it would be a perfect fit for all things that you can put in canning jars.  I liked the chalkboard effect of white ink on black paper.
 We also had a mini ministry fair and were able to show our service projects.
All of our Guilds depend on the profits from these bake sales to fund our service projects and other donations we make through the year to worthwhile causes.
We were up at the crack of dawn to go back to the bake sale.  A soft mist made the neighborhood look magical.
 I really love this time of year and especially enjoy when the honey locusts in front of our home drop their tiny yellow leaves.  Impossible to sweep up, I liken it to rounding up butterflies.  They fall gently in little showers.
The rewards of early rising...we garbage picked this chandelier from a garbage pile in front of our neighbors house. (This guy, the most loving enabler.  I've turned him into a junker!)  Thanks honey!
The rest of our day was spent baking, yes more baking.  This time for our dear Charlotte who requested pumpkin cheesecake for her birthday cake.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  I passed on the cheesecake for a second Golabki, Polish stuffed cabbage.  We call them gowoompki.  That was also a special request from our birthday girl. The house smelled very Polish homey.  I used to complain about the smell of cabbage cooking when I was young.  My Mom would say, "Someday you will like the smell because it will remind you of me", and it does. Sigh... So great having Jon and Charlotte and Elizabeth with us for dinner, and for a Face Time session with Mikey.  To hear my son's laugh is music to this old Mom's ears.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a happy and productive week ahead.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tis the Season, to Craft

My frenzy has no end in sight.  I am digging deep into the stash and finding some fabric for pillowcases.
I finished the cart with cute measuring tape ribbon to secure the cover on the frame.  Now for it's maiden voyage!
 I made 24 pillowcases!  They will all be gifts.  All of the fabric I had from other projects, from the thrift store, except for the cuffs for the Winter Rose pillowcases.  Remember the granny print?
 Some cute prints for the kids...
 The very last of sweet p's baby quilt fabric...
 Two different ways...
 Some Autumn...
 These black and white beauties  you've already seen...
These Winter Rose...I made seven, and spent about $12.00 on the cuff fabric. The combination is much better in person.

Last, I got this lamp shade at the thrift a while ago...after seeing the Junk Gypsies Show and how they hang the distressed frames, I had to try. After stripping all the fabric from the frame, I wrapped the armature with this fabric,  cocoa bean sacks from my dear pal Barb of Babs Just a Babblin'.  I've used it in many craft projects, it's a perfect vintage color.

Now to find a light kit for it.  A couple of more sewing projects before I put away the machines.  I can't believe it's Thursday...Time flies when you're in a frenzy!

It's my very first niece's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Michele, you will always be my Crazy Asparagus!

 Thanks so much for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Embracing Autumn

At a certain age, the seasons fly by so quickly it can make your head spin.  I am fully embracing Autumn, grateful for a summer of mild days, not too many crazy storms, the humidity wasn't as oppressive as some years, and the mosquitoes were mostly tolerable.  I am not a summer girl, though I love the long days, the adventures and the Lake. Welcome dear Autumn.  She is filled with colors and wonder...sign me up for everything!

This is a photo I took at the Cracker Barrel somewhere in Michigan.  A friendly pit stop except on Sunday...since everyone traveling was waiting to have grits for breakfast.  All of the ladies were dressed to the nines, and I was in jeans and sneakers. (Who knew you needed to dress UP for Sunday at the CB?)  I love to peruse the Cracker Barrel, all it's gift ideas, really cute kids clothes (that sweet p. in all her coolness would never ever wear...) and the seasonal decorations.
Last year I bought a sack filled with glitter insects at the wally mart after Christmas.  Isn't this the coolest vintagey idea?  You can bet my bugs will have book page wings too!
I pinned a poinsettia just like this on Pinterest.  All I bought was Autumn colored Sixlets.  Do you know of these delicious little chocolate balls?  They are Kris and PJ's favorites, so I am ready for some spoiling of my best girls come Thanksgiving!
This little wonder takes my breath away.  Where do these colors come from?  How can you look at this and not think it's a miracle of nature.  I have no green thumb when it comes to houseplants, but I am so excited about this little burst of color.
I don't have a car right now.  I gave my wheels to son Jon  several years ago... I didn't miss it because I had access to Mike's wheels. I am a homebody, but now I really miss the freedom. and I don't drive our truck. Now when sweetheart isn't available to take me here or there I am on my own.  I needed some wheels, cheap!  I found this cart at a rummage sale and the kind lady asked if $2 was OK...  Yes!  I knew I must make a liner for it, so yesterday night while said hubby watched the Bears win on Monday Night Football, I made this... a pretty liner for my shopping cart.
I just measured and jotted down height and width...found this awesome cottage rose fabric from my stash and started cutting.  I sewed it all together on the regular sewing machine then took out the serger.  Our Guild has a serger, the only problem is that I have no technical aptitude, so if anything goes wrong I am stumped.  That's where my better half comes in.  It's all good when he's available, but most days he is not.
So with technical support just steps away, I was able to sew this up quick as a bunny.  I just need to add some ribbon for securing the liner to the basket.
 Yep, just $2!
 The fabric was also a thrift store find. Now I can walk to the grocery on nice days, and have a cool cart for our flea marketing.
On the road to finding the right fabric for my cart,  I found these pillowcases, well the parts of the pillowcases.  I  hot dogged them in the afternoon ( an awesome way to make pillowcases...if you are interested, google hot dog method, it's amazing) and once again with technical support was able to whip these up.  The cuff is from a shower curtain that I got at a rummage sale and the body print is a hoblob fabric I really like.  Looks a little like chalkboard art.
I know it's Autumn when the projects come fast and furious ;-)  My crocheting?  Not today!  My middle name is procrastination ;-)  Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mini weekend update...

We took an unplanned trip to Michigan on Sunday to deliver some important things left behind by son Mikey.  Number one on that list was his winter coat!  We got a message from Mike late on Saturday
saying, come on up.  We stopped at the local grocery for some of Mike's favorites and set out.  The weather was weird to say the least. The roadside was littered by broken tree branches and uprooted trees.  We went through some downpours, but most of our ride we had sun behind us and clouds ahead.
I was sooo happy to hug my son...and hug and hug I did. I think he misses me too ;-) We got to see where he works and where sweet Amanda works too.  We even got to see Henry the cat in his shark costume.(I took a video for sweet p. and she loved it.)   We all when to dinner and had the best visit.  All too soon we were on the road home.  Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we had clear travels.  We were home before the 10:00 news.
Just at the kitchen window a beautiful migrating Monarch stopped in my garden to refuel before heading south.  I get so excited.  I grabbed my camera and went out and was rewarded by some really lovey photos. Of course I gave this amazing butterfly a pep talk...You can do it, safe travels...Go Monarch GO...and then it headed SOUTH!  I get chills up my spine when I get this close to such pure awesomeness!
(This was only the second Monarch that visited my garden this year...)

More to share tomorrow, first the laundry.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Progess Report

The crocheting is coming along.  The squares never seem to stop.  This is a afghan for a friend/family baby that will be here in December.  It is so hard doing a project for someone else.  I guess I like control.  My family is rolling on the floor laughing to hear me admit this.  I know it's true, and especially the older I get the less I like to let it go...let it go... (cold never bothered me anyway! ;-)  I am taking the weekend off, and will look at it all with a new perspective on Monday.

Last night we had our service night.  Sewing, sewing and more sewing.  Funny, it makes me want to sew at home.  Maybe that's what I'll do, sew a few things for the old homestead this weekend.  It's this time of year that makes me particularly crafty.
Thanks to Melanie over at Comfy House, I got over to our local Saver's that is going out of business.  Don't blame me, I more than did my part trying to make this store a success.  Anyway, Mel sent me a message saying that everything in the store was 50% off for 3 days, and then they were closing. (Thank you Mel!) Without a car and hubby BUSY right now, we fit in a visit on Monday morning to look things over. I went right to the linens. Everyone seems to need sheets, but they were all picked over.  I saw this quilt, all cotton and in great shape. It's a twin size but perfect for the couch, floor or foot of the bed.  Just $5.00.
Joy, from Savvy City Farmer, I thought of you when I picked this scarf up.  Joy has used plaid scarves as lovely accessories for Christmas. She's got the most beautiful style.  Just remember Joy, when you see me copy catting, imitation is the highest form of flattery. (-; xxoo)
I walked by this box, then went back to open it.  So glad I did.  Filled with seven fragrant candles and a votive glass.  Made in the USA out of Pennsylvania.  Quite the find for $2.50, the cost of one votive at the local candle shop.
 All Autumn warm and cozy like.
Farewell Savers...   What? One is opening in Niles on Milwaukee Ave?... I gotta go! ;-)
Have a great weekend my friends, thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adding Bits of Autumn

What got into me yesterday is a mystery.  Sure, dearest had a meeting scheduled for around the dining room table.  I got up and cleaned, straightened and dusted.  Not much to do with just the two of us most days. The house stays clean, the laundry, minimal...oh how I miss that son o mine! ;-)  I started adding a few bits of Autumn.  Some florals here, a basket there...
 These frosty leaves from sweet SIL Elizabeth are favorites, so beautiful.
 Tossed here and there...
 Mini mums replace the roses under the large cloche...
This little beauty may have started my love of things under glass.  A gift from my BFF Sue over forty years ago.  How this little gem lasted through all those years is nothing short of a miracle.  On a recent visit, I showed it to Sue.  She didn't remember giving it to me, but remembered the gift shop we would visit in the
First National Bank Building where she most likely bought this.  We worked together at a law firm, Sue a secretary to one of the attorneys and I the receptionist.  I answered the switchboard...some of you may remember the big board with the plugs used to connect calls to each office.  Back in the middle ages!  I digress...
The paper leaves I cut and glued to a fallen branch in my large glass demijohn. When the first floor was in order, the pumpkin cake cut and the table set, I went upstairs to get out of the way.

I planned to crochet the afternoon away in our bedroom...then I went to open the blinds and the dust went flying.  I took off the curtains, and the blinds.  I took the blinds and took them to the bathroom and in the shower.  I got some paper towels and Windex and washed the windows, inside and out.  After the windows were clean, I cleaned the blinds, rehung them.  Took the curtains to the washer and grabbed the vacuum. What started out as a quiet afternoon turned into a deep cleaning event!

Later I talked to my sweet p.  I told her Grandma was pooped.  Then she told her Mommy, "Grandma pooped!"  Talking about his topic to a two year old is serious business. We straightened out the confusion with lots of laughs.   Today I  MUST crochet!  Wish me luck, and enjoy this beautiful day.