Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Update

It must be Autumn, there was a bake sale this weekend for our Women's Club.  My contribution in part was
lemon or pumpkin flavored muddy buddies in jars that I covered in the cozies I've been crocheting.
 I found this great stamp this summer and knew it would be a perfect fit for all things that you can put in canning jars.  I liked the chalkboard effect of white ink on black paper.
 We also had a mini ministry fair and were able to show our service projects.
All of our Guilds depend on the profits from these bake sales to fund our service projects and other donations we make through the year to worthwhile causes.
We were up at the crack of dawn to go back to the bake sale.  A soft mist made the neighborhood look magical.
 I really love this time of year and especially enjoy when the honey locusts in front of our home drop their tiny yellow leaves.  Impossible to sweep up, I liken it to rounding up butterflies.  They fall gently in little showers.
The rewards of early rising...we garbage picked this chandelier from a garbage pile in front of our neighbors house. (This guy, the most loving enabler.  I've turned him into a junker!)  Thanks honey!
The rest of our day was spent baking, yes more baking.  This time for our dear Charlotte who requested pumpkin cheesecake for her birthday cake.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  I passed on the cheesecake for a second Golabki, Polish stuffed cabbage.  We call them gowoompki.  That was also a special request from our birthday girl. The house smelled very Polish homey.  I used to complain about the smell of cabbage cooking when I was young.  My Mom would say, "Someday you will like the smell because it will remind you of me", and it does. Sigh... So great having Jon and Charlotte and Elizabeth with us for dinner, and for a Face Time session with Mikey.  To hear my son's laugh is music to this old Mom's ears.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a happy and productive week ahead.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.


Melanie said...

Those jars full of Muddy Buddies are so darn cute, Penny! I think what really makes it is the jar cozy. I love mine...I have it around a Ball jar in the middle of my kitchen table filled with flowers. And pumpkin Muddy Buddies?! Ooh, I'll have to look for the recipe online or on Pinterest. Or maybe not - I'd probably eat way too many of them, lol. What are you going to do with the chandelier - paint it and hang it in one of your rooms? Mmm...stuffed cabbage. I love it. I worked with a Romanian woman who used to make it and bring some into work for me sometimes. It was delicious!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Such wonderful muddy buddy treats and containers! Love the cozies! I also love that stamp, too. You know me, anything chalkboard. Hubby is a real gem, but then we knew that:) What's the plan for the chandy? My hubby spent this past weekend planting 11, yes 11 (I lost count, really) hydrangea bushes! I'm so happy. Glad you had a nice time with family.

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Penny! The Muddie Buddies sound delish! Can you post the recipe (I'm really curious about the lemon ones!)? Or maybe tell us where to find it?

Love the's beautiful and the perfect size.

Isn't it great having the kids home and sharing tradition? My mother was German and we had a lot of strong smells coming from the kitchen! And I do love making some of here recipes and taking a walk back in time! :)

Jane xx

Lynne said...

Love the yellow honey locust like little butterflies . . .
Makes your world look yellow with warmth . . .
Your guy found a great find . . . spraying it a color?
And what is happening tomorrow ????