Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Don't you love when the hosta bloom?  Ours line our walk to the front door.  The only problem I have is keeping the bees from flying up my pants.  The bees just love these flowers and so does our resident hummingbird.  I thought of crocheting him a jacket, these days have been cold by September standards.
It is such a cheerful sight. Many who never notice the hosta in the spring and summer ask when I planted these when they are in full bloom.
 Yes, it's officially Autumn.
I made a large cozy for this half gallon ball jar.  Then I found these faux Chinese lanterns at Michael's.  A little raffia tied on...  Pretty, right?
 At the Wally Mart, Pumpkins!  
To the Fancy Pants Mall...these flowers in full bloom.  We walked the mall to see what the windows looked like for the fall and what the new magazines have to offer.  Little did I know that mayhem was just around the corner!
 As we walked I took a few photos of the beautiful evening sky.
 Even a parking lot can be lovely at dusk.
Holding my sweetie's hand, carrying a roll of wrapping paper under my arm, I tripped and was air born in a flash.  Thank goodness for my hubby's strong grip, he held me like a kite on a string until I regained my footing.  Landing on my feet shook my body to my spine.  If I had hit the sidewalk at that velocity, it wouldn't have been good.  Once again my dearest saved my life!  I was lucky to walk away without injury, except a sore shoulder, and dearest a sore hand.  I just read this paragraph to my husband... I wasn't sure I had used velocity correctly.  He said,  I would tell the story like this, "You tripped, I caught you." Ha!
Vive la difference! What a pair.
 Speaking of pairs, these sweet crochet pot holders came from a neighbor's garage sale.
 Look at all those tiny pansies.
 Then I added a set of measuring cups to my little collection.
Do these make you all warm and fuzzy inside?  I remember Mom and Buscia each having a set.

This week will find me working on a project...crocheting a baby afghan for a friend.  It is in parts right now, many many squares that need to be connected.  That should keep me off the streets for a while. Have a great week my friends and thank you for stopping by.  I so appreciate your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.



Melanie said...

Good morning! Is it possible that friends share illness over the internet waves?! I now have your "under the weather" spell. My typical virus - sore throat and headache. Anyhoo...I am so glad that your hubby was walking with you and was able to help you so that you didn't do a full body crash! I think with the hostas it depends on what variety they are...some of mine bloomed a long time ago and others (like the ones you have) are now in full bloom. Your autumn arrangement is so pretty - though I'm not ready to start decorating for fall just yet. Maybe next week! Have a good day. xoxo

Debby said...

It is scary to fall. Glad you hubby caught you. still pretty scary I bet.
Pretty flowers.
The weather for the fair was great. It was a lot of fun. Next year????

babs said...

Hi thankful you didn,t seriously injure yourself. Falls happen so quickly....take us by surprise.
Yes, fall is upon is! Where did summer go?

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Glad your Sir Galahad saved you! Tripping can have not so nice consequences for sure. All of our Hostas bloomed already and are looking like it's winter, almost. Maybe different types bloom at different times? Who knows. Tom and I bought like 9 hydrangea bushes this weekend. I am so excited to be able to add to my already overflowing bounty of hydrangeas! Have a great week!
xo Kathy

Lynne said...

Be careful out there looking at the pretty Hosta flowers, sun sets, pumpkins, flowers and such . . . It could have been so much worse . . . OUCH, I hope you are okay!?!