Friday, September 19, 2014

Progess Report

The crocheting is coming along.  The squares never seem to stop.  This is a afghan for a friend/family baby that will be here in December.  It is so hard doing a project for someone else.  I guess I like control.  My family is rolling on the floor laughing to hear me admit this.  I know it's true, and especially the older I get the less I like to let it go...let it go... (cold never bothered me anyway! ;-)  I am taking the weekend off, and will look at it all with a new perspective on Monday.

Last night we had our service night.  Sewing, sewing and more sewing.  Funny, it makes me want to sew at home.  Maybe that's what I'll do, sew a few things for the old homestead this weekend.  It's this time of year that makes me particularly crafty.
Thanks to Melanie over at Comfy House, I got over to our local Saver's that is going out of business.  Don't blame me, I more than did my part trying to make this store a success.  Anyway, Mel sent me a message saying that everything in the store was 50% off for 3 days, and then they were closing. (Thank you Mel!) Without a car and hubby BUSY right now, we fit in a visit on Monday morning to look things over. I went right to the linens. Everyone seems to need sheets, but they were all picked over.  I saw this quilt, all cotton and in great shape. It's a twin size but perfect for the couch, floor or foot of the bed.  Just $5.00.
Joy, from Savvy City Farmer, I thought of you when I picked this scarf up.  Joy has used plaid scarves as lovely accessories for Christmas. She's got the most beautiful style.  Just remember Joy, when you see me copy catting, imitation is the highest form of flattery. (-; xxoo)
I walked by this box, then went back to open it.  So glad I did.  Filled with seven fragrant candles and a votive glass.  Made in the USA out of Pennsylvania.  Quite the find for $2.50, the cost of one votive at the local candle shop.
 All Autumn warm and cozy like.
Farewell Savers...   What? One is opening in Niles on Milwaukee Ave?... I gotta go! ;-)
Have a great weekend my friends, thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

There you go again, finding goodies galore! Love the blue quilt . . . perfect for a bed or for the sofa and a nap!

I think you and Melanie are trouble together finding all the treasures!!!