Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage 4th of July

This is my first blog party, with Joan from Anything Goes Here . Here is a vintage looking Lady, all decked out for the festivities. This fairy has been the foundation for many different pieces, over the years. If you know its origin, I'd like to give credit to the source. Happy Birthday America, and a safe and happy holiday to all.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playing With Butterflies Part Two

This is what the tin frame looked like before...
After a little spray paint...

I first printed a ledger page, then printed a butterfly directly on top... I used the Tim Holtz, old page Distress Ink on the edges. I used my permanent adhesive cartridge in my xyron to adhere the butterfly ledger print to old sheet music. Then I used my removable cartridge to adhere the collage to the frame... This way I can change my mind, and I will. I can see leaves in autumn, glitter snow scenes in winter... I sanded some of the paint off the frames for a vintage look. They are very similar to a large print I have hanging in my living room. Now that one large butterfly will have company.
Now for a word from our sponsors... Not really, but if you are not familar with the Xyron, it's life changing to a crafter like myself. Changing the cartridges is easy and quick. No need to use spray adhesive, glue sticks or liguid glue. On paper it's perfect. The distress ink pad from Tim Holtz is a must have for paper crafting. One swipe and instant old paper. Many of the tools designed for scrapbookers have made their way to my work table. I can't imagine not having a paper trimer, decorative edge scissors or the Aleene's Box Maker in my tools. The box maker deserves it's own post someday, it's that handy. Hope you liked this little project. Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Playing with Butterflies

It's one of those days... There's laundry to be done, not an egg in the house, we're low on shampoo and I'm playing around with these butterflies. I found some cool tin tile style frames in the 80 percent off isle at the HobLob. I've spray painted them and now to add a butterfly. I'll show you the results tomorrow.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Daylily

When words escape, flowers speak. Here's to a flower filled weekend.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ta Da!

Well, here's the laundry room, finished, I think. My DH and #2 son hung the shelves. They are from Ikea, and are perfect for the space. I used to have a cabinet over the washer and dryer. I could never reach anything in the cabinet. I still can't reach anything without a ladder, but it looks pretty and I can hang hangers from the racks. I've always had the plastic shelves, but they were never organized. The wire baskets, again from Ikea keep all my baking pans together. I also made a space for the overflow from my pantry, pb&j, extra can goods and paper products.
All my platters and serving pieces I don't use everyday, now have a place. It's great to walk in and find what I need without the avalanche of pans. You would really appreciate this more if I had photographed the room before. Some things are better left to the imagination. Take my word for it, it was bad!
You might be able to see the new floor and the wall color is Wyeth Blue, Benjamin Moore, though I always use the Ace brand paint, it's the best.

Hope everyone here in Illinois is alright after the terrible storms we had today. You know it's a bad one when the tornado sirens go off in the Loop. Last week a large fire was caused by a lightening strike, so even though I usually have the jitters during a storm, this one really freaked me out! Enjoy this quiet evening, while it lasts. Stay safe my friends.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Interlude

Happiness walks on busy feet... I am very happy. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Here is a song that reminds me of my Dad. He loved it too, though it brought us both to tears to hear it. My Dad was a singer, and loved music. He passed that love of music to all his kids. My husband is a great Dad too. Love to you today honey, and thank you. Our kids are so lucky to have you for their Dad. Happy Father's Day, with love.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jug Lamp

The last time my dear daughter moved, I grabbed this jug from the toss pile. All these years later, this is what I made with it. Inspired by the covered jars and lamps that are in all the catalogs, I crocheted a cozy for the jug with natural cotton yarn. I had no pattern, just something I came up with while watching the Blackhawk Victory Parade in Chicago, and waiting for my washer. I bought a lamp kit from the hardware store, and the shade from Ikea. I color washed the shade with walnut ink and water for the right "shade". I can remove the crochet cover and fill the jar for a different look. Now, where should I put it? Maybe the laundry room, it's where I'm supposed to be working right now! ;-) Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When I was a city dweller, with a postage stamp sized yard, I dreamed of a garden... with hydrangeas. Now I have several kinds blooming up a storm! The pink are Endless Summer. They are in a very shady area, and for the past 5 years have been disappointing. This was the year we were going to dig them up and relocate them, but they decided this was the year to put on a show. The white Annabelle hydrangeas are my favorites. All summer long I'll have vases of blooms that dry beautifully. To paraphrase a quote from Emma Goldman... I'd rather have hydrangeas on my table, than diamonds on my neck. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Crocheted Flag

In between organizing my laundry room and other household tasks, I brought out my Independence Day decorations. This flag was crocheted by my Mom about thirty years ago. Each star was sewn on individually. My Mom was a crochet genius, making the most difficult patterns and in record time. Her afghans are treasures, and this one especially, because we worked on it together. Mom crocheted, I sewed on the stars and cut the fringe. A collaboration I'd give anything to have just one more time. A treasured memory, a beautiful flag. Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Monday, June 14, 2010


Boring, I know...Until your washer breaks and you have to go to the Laundromat! My new washer was delivered Friday and I've washed 14 loads since. Today, I organize my 6x15 foot space devoted to LAUNDRY. Wish me luck. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the perfect graphic for this post.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Roses

Their blooms are lovely but their life is short. These pink roses will be a just a scattering of petals in a day or so. I just had to cut some for my new, old silver plated pitcher. Did I ever mention that I was angry at my daughter and her sweet baboo for giving me a digital camera? I thought it was a waste of their hard earned money. Now I love my camera, and can't imagine missing this little still life, or the cool things I see everyday, or the people I love. My photos are not good, in a artistic way...but every photo I take is a memory. Every photo I post, unless noted is mine. Oh, I have apologized to them, often. Thanks Kris and Doug, I was so wrong. And, life is short, not only for roses... Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Roses For You

Our winter was long and snowy, but after such a winter, we have FLOWERS! This climbing rose never has put on such a show. My Annabelle hydrangea has at least a hundred flower heads ready to burst. We've had plenty of rain and moderate temperatures, perfect flower weather. It's hard to appreciate how much the winter weather effects our perennials. When you're shoveling the driveway for the third time in one day, you're not thinking, this is gonna be GREAT for the roses, but it sure was. Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hooray for the Blackhawks!

My three guys had a great night, eating birthday cake while watching the BLACKHAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP! I'm so happy for the team and for all Chicago fans. This morning some of the team were visiting their favorite Chicago spots with the Stanley Cup, reminding everyone that dreams do come true. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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