Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Bits of Summer

All around the house are small bits of summer. A shell shaped votive holder, a Nantucket basket, and my sand castle. They are all among my favorite summer accents. Glass lends itself to any season. This hurricane gets shells and sand in summer, pine cones, acorns and nuts in the fall. At Christmas snowflakes and snow, and in the spring I had tea light candles, ala Matthew Mead. Every time I sat in the nearby chair, the fragrance of the tea lights had me wondering, why do I smell flowers? The men in my life hardly notice the seasonal changes, but it makes me feel good, and dog gone it, that's reason enough to do it. Enjoy this beautiful day.
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annie said...

Love the sea shell, summer feel of little changes as well.
I really need to take that snow scene painting down!!!