Saturday, July 31, 2010

34 Years!

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person!

Happy Anniversary Dear Husband O Mine,
and thank God for the blessing of
the happiest of marriages.
I love you so!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Heart Goes Downtown...

Being a suburban girl, I rarely go into downtown Chicago. I worked in the city many, did I mention MANY years ago. In fact the only tall building was the Prudential Building! ( Local girls are LOL! I'm only kidding, it wasn't THAT long ago.) Well, this story isn't about me, but about my son. He started a new job yesterday, and will be moving back to the city this week. I am so very proud of Jon. He beat the odds and found a good job, and in this economy that's no small thing. He's starting on a new chapter in his life, and moving back to the city he loves. Things will be changing around the house. Our younger son becomes "the only child" at home. I'm going to try not to spoil him rotten. Chicago son will conquer the city. A mild mannered office type by day, and
a talented photographer extraordinaire by night. My heart now roams the streets of New York (our daughter) and the streets of Chicago once again. "Behind seeming permanence, lies constant flux." I don't know if "Heraclitus" was talking about Motherhood, but it sure fits today. Enjoy this beautiful day... P.S. Love you Jon.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Moments

"We live life in little moments that are soon gone. Each day holds possibilities for great discoveries and hidden joys. Enjoy each small amusement. The only thing you can grasp hold of is the moment, now." Alexandra Stoddard

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Elizabeth's Garden

My dear sister in law Elizabeth has the prettiest garden. Everywhere you look is another charming vignette. Elmo peeks from a gardening bag, ivy spills from a picnic basket. Bright red boots hold bright red petunias.
Each herb has a tag, and colorful watering cans are everywhere.
The prettiest of all, her precious granddaughter, dressed for a garden party. Betty knows the secret of growing things...
Everything and everyone grows better with love. Enjoy this beautiful day with someone you love.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Recent Rummage Sale Finds

At a recent Rummage Sale I found some great items. These are Currier and Ives trays, complete with hangers. The scenes are Spring and Autumn. I have a thing for trays, they are so pretty and useful too.
I actually went back the next day for the globe. It was on this funky wooden stand, with a thermometer, barometer and humidity gauge. The day before I bought the pewter bowl. DH took the globe off it's base, and I sat it on the wrong side of the bowl...I think it looks great.
I just love the Autumn record album. Wish I still had a turntable to listen to it. As my daughter will attest, I love WORDS. (She is not a fan of things that say...LOVE, SPRING, GARDEN or any single word.) This album will be proudly displayed in AUTUMN! (Sorry Kris;-)
If you look closely you can see the tablecloth. It's 29 inches by 64 inches long. There are 24 motifs, baskets and butterflies. I crochet, and I know what kind of time and talent is involved into making just one of these motifs. Hours upon hours of work. The tablecloth was tossed on the table for fifty cents! It made we want to cry. How could...? Why would...? I will use it and think of the woman who made this, with appreciation. Last but not least a cigar box, some self stick letters and these 2 shelves, mantle pieces. I don't know quite what they are. I might just have a word or two to paint on them... Happy junking, and enjoy this beautiful and HOT day.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love Letters

It's 1919, and Mary Hayes is in love. Her Beau, Harold is traveling to Detroit, Michigan, on important family business. Everyday she receives a letter, a love letter from her Harry. They are filled with hopes and dreams of their future life together. They will be separated only for the summer. The Autumn will bring them together for a wedding, their wedding, under the falling leaves at the Hayes Estate in Connecticut. Mary will become Mrs. Harold Fields, Harry's wife, and they will live happily ever after...

I made up this little story and collage for the Green Paper Packages Challenge, Miss Mary Hayes. We were supplied with the vintage photographs, and could use them in any way, as long as each of the three images were used in some way. I started with a chipboard backing and attached a vintage linen napkin, the embroidery was so lovely, and the perfect background to this story. I cut Mary's photo with deckle edge scissors and mounted the photo with old style photo corners. The letter I stacked with manila papers cut to size and separated with chipboard for dimension. The locket is a Hallmark ornament, the vintage photo (of Harry) from my own collection. A little sparkle on the cigarette card, a Tim Holtz key with the word, heart, and blue ribbon accents finish it up. Photographing it was the hardest part. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend update...

Sushi anyone? This is pretend sushi, made with rice krispie treat mix. It was a big hit at our little bird's birthday. If you'd like to make some, I'd recommend waiting till the weather cools. Humidity is not a friend to faux sushi. The fruit roll ups you wrap them with is sticky to begin with, add a little humidity and it was a mess. I was going to use these as favors, in small clear boxes, but they stuck to everything, including the tops and sides of the boxes. So with my DH assisting, we made more boxes and filled them with m&ms. The little one was very happy with her favors. I helped her hand them out to her guests. She'd hand over a box and say, open? She knows a good snack, and a perfect opportunity, since she was the birthday girl and all. She got more than her share of hand outs from the charmed guests.

I also made the birthday girl her favorite cupcakes... ummmmm cupcakes, she was heard to say a few times. She also helped anyone who was enjoying their own cupcake...bite?

It was a great weekend, filled with family and friends. We had sunshine and showers, but mostly hugs and kisses and lots and lots of love.
I'm taking it easy this week, hoping to do some reading, crafting and crocheting. Oh and I have some rummage sale finds to post about, and blogs to visit and emails to answer...sounds like I'll be busy taking it easy;-) Enjoy this, and every beautiful day.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Lake Geneva or Geneva Lake?

We've been taking day trips, and seem to end up in Wisconsin. It's a nice drive, a little more than an hour. We rarely shop in town, I prefer "Joe" Pesches Greenhouse just outside of town. In every season there's great things to see, and buy. My blog banner photo was taken there. I got out of the car and took one photo, and knew that was it. We walk along the lake, grab some lunch and enjoy some tunes on the way home. We are easily entertained.

These hanging baskets in downtown were huge. I wonder how they plant them... Are they real? A busy weekend ahead, and then back to reality. Until then, take care my friends, and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping Busy

I've been busy these last few days with all kinds of projects. I made favors for a dear friend. Two Chicago Police officers are tying the knot, and I had the challenge of making something for the wedding shower. I used the plaid ribbon because the CPD has this type of band on their uniform hats. "To serve and protect" is on every CPD vehicle. A little bling and there you go.

It's our little bird's birthday this week . I just completed her photo album for her second birthday. Having all my photos on my computer made choosing the ones for the album so easy. Last year I spent many an hour at the local photo processor, making my choices. This year I burned my own CD, and in an hour had all the photos I needed. What's the big deal? Well, through blogging, I'm learning about my computer. I used to use it just for word processing and surfing the web, now I'm not as afraid to experiment, research and do it MYSELF. As our little bird would say, "COOL!" Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Best of July 4th Weekend 2010

This is beautiful Lake Michigan, from a bluff in Mequon, Wisconsin. Those are people in the first photo, near the shore. It's a spectacular view, and our favorite. We've been all around the Lake on the Circle Tour, but we're never seen a more beautiful vista. The second photo is the lake shore at Concordia College, also in Mequon. How could you ever get any studying done with this view? The statue is called "Fisher of Men" by Igor Vaseljev. The view, the smell of the air and sharing it with my honey, made it a perfect day. Our 4th of July celebration was quiet, with just the guys and me. I barbecued some chicken, and I set the table, but we ate inside. The heat and humidity made it a little uncomfortable outside. We brought home a apple pie from the Elegant Farmer, a place up north famous for their apple pie baked in a paper bag. We later watched the fireworks from a high point at a park nearby. The summer is just beginning, there is so much beauty to see. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood...

This cookie jar and accessories mean so much to me, we had a cabinet build in our kitchen especially for them. The cookie jar was my Mom's. I have a photo of her with it, when she was pregnant with me, that's a long time ago! Lil' Red is so cheerful, and holds so many happy memories. She NEVER holds cookies though, she is too dear for that. The fact that she survived my four brothers and myself and then my three and countless nieces and nephews, is quite an accomplishment. Someday my daughter will have it, and then her daughter, unless the Big Bad Wolf gets her first. ;-) Enjoy this beautiful day.

Thanks to Scrapologie for the vintage images.

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