Friday, July 16, 2010

Recent Rummage Sale Finds

At a recent Rummage Sale I found some great items. These are Currier and Ives trays, complete with hangers. The scenes are Spring and Autumn. I have a thing for trays, they are so pretty and useful too.
I actually went back the next day for the globe. It was on this funky wooden stand, with a thermometer, barometer and humidity gauge. The day before I bought the pewter bowl. DH took the globe off it's base, and I sat it on the wrong side of the bowl...I think it looks great.
I just love the Autumn record album. Wish I still had a turntable to listen to it. As my daughter will attest, I love WORDS. (She is not a fan of things that say...LOVE, SPRING, GARDEN or any single word.) This album will be proudly displayed in AUTUMN! (Sorry Kris;-)
If you look closely you can see the tablecloth. It's 29 inches by 64 inches long. There are 24 motifs, baskets and butterflies. I crochet, and I know what kind of time and talent is involved into making just one of these motifs. Hours upon hours of work. The tablecloth was tossed on the table for fifty cents! It made we want to cry. How could...? Why would...? I will use it and think of the woman who made this, with appreciation. Last but not least a cigar box, some self stick letters and these 2 shelves, mantle pieces. I don't know quite what they are. I might just have a word or two to paint on them... Happy junking, and enjoy this beautiful and HOT day.
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