Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend update...

Sushi anyone? This is pretend sushi, made with rice krispie treat mix. It was a big hit at our little bird's birthday. If you'd like to make some, I'd recommend waiting till the weather cools. Humidity is not a friend to faux sushi. The fruit roll ups you wrap them with is sticky to begin with, add a little humidity and it was a mess. I was going to use these as favors, in small clear boxes, but they stuck to everything, including the tops and sides of the boxes. So with my DH assisting, we made more boxes and filled them with m&ms. The little one was very happy with her favors. I helped her hand them out to her guests. She'd hand over a box and say, open? She knows a good snack, and a perfect opportunity, since she was the birthday girl and all. She got more than her share of hand outs from the charmed guests.

I also made the birthday girl her favorite cupcakes... ummmmm cupcakes, she was heard to say a few times. She also helped anyone who was enjoying their own cupcake...bite?

It was a great weekend, filled with family and friends. We had sunshine and showers, but mostly hugs and kisses and lots and lots of love.
I'm taking it easy this week, hoping to do some reading, crafting and crocheting. Oh and I have some rummage sale finds to post about, and blogs to visit and emails to answer...sounds like I'll be busy taking it easy;-) Enjoy this, and every beautiful day.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Penny!
How fun are those... I might have to try those but as you said later when it cools down a bit. It was sooooo hot this weekend - I should be skinny as a rail but of course I had all that pie for breakfast :)

Kristal said...

Hi Penny,
Wow these look really cool! I saw someone else had made RK sushi, but your are alot more colorful. I will definitely be making these sometime, when we aren't having days with 100% humidity!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!