Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping Busy

I've been busy these last few days with all kinds of projects. I made favors for a dear friend. Two Chicago Police officers are tying the knot, and I had the challenge of making something for the wedding shower. I used the plaid ribbon because the CPD has this type of band on their uniform hats. "To serve and protect" is on every CPD vehicle. A little bling and there you go.

It's our little bird's birthday this week . I just completed her photo album for her second birthday. Having all my photos on my computer made choosing the ones for the album so easy. Last year I spent many an hour at the local photo processor, making my choices. This year I burned my own CD, and in an hour had all the photos I needed. What's the big deal? Well, through blogging, I'm learning about my computer. I used to use it just for word processing and surfing the web, now I'm not as afraid to experiment, research and do it MYSELF. As our little bird would say, "COOL!" Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Jennifer Rizzo said...

You've been so busy! Your friends a re so lucky to have some one so crafty!