Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Heart Goes Downtown...

Being a suburban girl, I rarely go into downtown Chicago. I worked in the city many, did I mention MANY years ago. In fact the only tall building was the Prudential Building! ( Local girls are LOL! I'm only kidding, it wasn't THAT long ago.) Well, this story isn't about me, but about my son. He started a new job yesterday, and will be moving back to the city this week. I am so very proud of Jon. He beat the odds and found a good job, and in this economy that's no small thing. He's starting on a new chapter in his life, and moving back to the city he loves. Things will be changing around the house. Our younger son becomes "the only child" at home. I'm going to try not to spoil him rotten. Chicago son will conquer the city. A mild mannered office type by day, and
a talented photographer extraordinaire by night. My heart now roams the streets of New York (our daughter) and the streets of Chicago once again. "Behind seeming permanence, lies constant flux." I don't know if "Heraclitus" was talking about Motherhood, but it sure fits today. Enjoy this beautiful day... P.S. Love you Jon.

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