Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ta Da!

Well, here's the laundry room, finished, I think. My DH and #2 son hung the shelves. They are from Ikea, and are perfect for the space. I used to have a cabinet over the washer and dryer. I could never reach anything in the cabinet. I still can't reach anything without a ladder, but it looks pretty and I can hang hangers from the racks. I've always had the plastic shelves, but they were never organized. The wire baskets, again from Ikea keep all my baking pans together. I also made a space for the overflow from my pantry, pb&j, extra can goods and paper products.
All my platters and serving pieces I don't use everyday, now have a place. It's great to walk in and find what I need without the avalanche of pans. You would really appreciate this more if I had photographed the room before. Some things are better left to the imagination. Take my word for it, it was bad!
You might be able to see the new floor and the wall color is Wyeth Blue, Benjamin Moore, though I always use the Ace brand paint, it's the best.

Hope everyone here in Illinois is alright after the terrible storms we had today. You know it's a bad one when the tornado sirens go off in the Loop. Last week a large fire was caused by a lightening strike, so even though I usually have the jitters during a storm, this one really freaked me out! Enjoy this quiet evening, while it lasts. Stay safe my friends.
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tikascm said...


A place for everything & everything in its place. And done so beautifully!! You can even make a laundry/storage area look lovely.

Hugs & Love to you pal,

Connie said...

I came over from Jennifer's Sanctuary Art because your name intrigued me, sugar! What a darling blog you have. I redid my laundry room last year also, but it's in a pink and romantic theme. You did a cute job on yours. Isn't it fun to redo things? I looooove to redo, chick. Darling.

annie said...

Nice job, you petite(can't reach)girl!
I do SO love a clean up! It sort of frees your soul a little, doesn't it? And, for me, it brings me joy while I'm doing the housekeeping grind...
much love,

Pamela said...

Hi Penny

I love that blue! Thanks for posting the colour I am really into blue since moving by the ocean!!
Pamela xo