Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jug Lamp

The last time my dear daughter moved, I grabbed this jug from the toss pile. All these years later, this is what I made with it. Inspired by the covered jars and lamps that are in all the catalogs, I crocheted a cozy for the jug with natural cotton yarn. I had no pattern, just something I came up with while watching the Blackhawk Victory Parade in Chicago, and waiting for my washer. I bought a lamp kit from the hardware store, and the shade from Ikea. I color washed the shade with walnut ink and water for the right "shade". I can remove the crochet cover and fill the jar for a different look. Now, where should I put it? Maybe the laundry room, it's where I'm supposed to be working right now! ;-) Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Heidi said...

It looks fabulous! Right out of a magazine! My mom can crochet like that, with no pattern. That takes talent. Love love it!