Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tis the Season, to Craft

My frenzy has no end in sight.  I am digging deep into the stash and finding some fabric for pillowcases.
I finished the cart with cute measuring tape ribbon to secure the cover on the frame.  Now for it's maiden voyage!
 I made 24 pillowcases!  They will all be gifts.  All of the fabric I had from other projects, from the thrift store, except for the cuffs for the Winter Rose pillowcases.  Remember the granny print?
 Some cute prints for the kids...
 The very last of sweet p's baby quilt fabric...
 Two different ways...
 Some Autumn...
 These black and white beauties  you've already seen...
These Winter Rose...I made seven, and spent about $12.00 on the cuff fabric. The combination is much better in person.

Last, I got this lamp shade at the thrift a while ago...after seeing the Junk Gypsies Show and how they hang the distressed frames, I had to try. After stripping all the fabric from the frame, I wrapped the armature with this fabric,  cocoa bean sacks from my dear pal Barb of Babs Just a Babblin'.  I've used it in many craft projects, it's a perfect vintage color.

Now to find a light kit for it.  A couple of more sewing projects before I put away the machines.  I can't believe it's Thursday...Time flies when you're in a frenzy!

It's my very first niece's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Michele, you will always be my Crazy Asparagus!

 Thanks so much for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Debby said...

Happy Birthday to your niece.
What a great idea to make the pillowcases. I love the one with the chalkboard look.
Love your shopping cart. Viv of Out on a Wim, had one at the CL Fair. Hers huge wheels on the back. She said it was a beach buggy. It was so handy to put everything in. I need one to keep me standing upright when in bumpy ground under my feel.
I have nominated your for The Butterfly Light Award. You are so deserving because of your love of family and your upbeat personality. Go to my blog to see what you have to (or don't have to) do. HUGS