Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Embracing Autumn

At a certain age, the seasons fly by so quickly it can make your head spin.  I am fully embracing Autumn, grateful for a summer of mild days, not too many crazy storms, the humidity wasn't as oppressive as some years, and the mosquitoes were mostly tolerable.  I am not a summer girl, though I love the long days, the adventures and the Lake. Welcome dear Autumn.  She is filled with colors and wonder...sign me up for everything!

This is a photo I took at the Cracker Barrel somewhere in Michigan.  A friendly pit stop except on Sunday...since everyone traveling was waiting to have grits for breakfast.  All of the ladies were dressed to the nines, and I was in jeans and sneakers. (Who knew you needed to dress UP for Sunday at the CB?)  I love to peruse the Cracker Barrel, all it's gift ideas, really cute kids clothes (that sweet p. in all her coolness would never ever wear...) and the seasonal decorations.
Last year I bought a sack filled with glitter insects at the wally mart after Christmas.  Isn't this the coolest vintagey idea?  You can bet my bugs will have book page wings too!
I pinned a poinsettia just like this on Pinterest.  All I bought was Autumn colored Sixlets.  Do you know of these delicious little chocolate balls?  They are Kris and PJ's favorites, so I am ready for some spoiling of my best girls come Thanksgiving!
This little wonder takes my breath away.  Where do these colors come from?  How can you look at this and not think it's a miracle of nature.  I have no green thumb when it comes to houseplants, but I am so excited about this little burst of color.
I don't have a car right now.  I gave my wheels to son Jon  several years ago... I didn't miss it because I had access to Mike's wheels. I am a homebody, but now I really miss the freedom. and I don't drive our truck. Now when sweetheart isn't available to take me here or there I am on my own.  I needed some wheels, cheap!  I found this cart at a rummage sale and the kind lady asked if $2 was OK...  Yes!  I knew I must make a liner for it, so yesterday night while said hubby watched the Bears win on Monday Night Football, I made this... a pretty liner for my shopping cart.
I just measured and jotted down height and width...found this awesome cottage rose fabric from my stash and started cutting.  I sewed it all together on the regular sewing machine then took out the serger.  Our Guild has a serger, the only problem is that I have no technical aptitude, so if anything goes wrong I am stumped.  That's where my better half comes in.  It's all good when he's available, but most days he is not.
So with technical support just steps away, I was able to sew this up quick as a bunny.  I just need to add some ribbon for securing the liner to the basket.
 Yep, just $2!
 The fabric was also a thrift store find. Now I can walk to the grocery on nice days, and have a cool cart for our flea marketing.
On the road to finding the right fabric for my cart,  I found these pillowcases, well the parts of the pillowcases.  I  hot dogged them in the afternoon ( an awesome way to make pillowcases...if you are interested, google hot dog method, it's amazing) and once again with technical support was able to whip these up.  The cuff is from a shower curtain that I got at a rummage sale and the body print is a hoblob fabric I really like.  Looks a little like chalkboard art.
I know it's Autumn when the projects come fast and furious ;-)  My crocheting?  Not today!  My middle name is procrastination ;-)  Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

LOVE the book page wings idea! Just might have to steal it! I actually broke down and ordered some PB ornaments for my kids. It was a splurge, but I always buy each of them a new ornament every year. I'm so glad I started the tradition. My mom did it for me and my siblings as well. The cart is fabulous! Wish I had your sewing skills.....hang in there, the leaves they are a'changin!

Debbie Freitag said...

So funny about everyone being dressed up at Cracker Barrel, I guess it's the place to be on a Sunday. CB always brings back fond memories of travelling with my daughter on Irish dancing trips and I usually bought some sixlets as well. Love those little candies. Your cart liner is lovely. Happy Autumn!

Melanie said...

Dressed up at CB?! Maybe everyone just came from church or something. Funny you should mention this place...Brian and I were just there a few days ago for late lunch/early dinner (linner, as I call it). Don't they have the best little gift shop? I found some tiny owl salt and pepper shakers for 99 cents. I like your new wheels but they're not going to get you to GW, lol. Why don't you drive the truck - are you uncomfortable driving a big vehicle or is it stick shift? Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather.