Monday, September 22, 2014

Mini weekend update...

We took an unplanned trip to Michigan on Sunday to deliver some important things left behind by son Mikey.  Number one on that list was his winter coat!  We got a message from Mike late on Saturday
saying, come on up.  We stopped at the local grocery for some of Mike's favorites and set out.  The weather was weird to say the least. The roadside was littered by broken tree branches and uprooted trees.  We went through some downpours, but most of our ride we had sun behind us and clouds ahead.
I was sooo happy to hug my son...and hug and hug I did. I think he misses me too ;-) We got to see where he works and where sweet Amanda works too.  We even got to see Henry the cat in his shark costume.(I took a video for sweet p. and she loved it.)   We all when to dinner and had the best visit.  All too soon we were on the road home.  Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we had clear travels.  We were home before the 10:00 news.
Just at the kitchen window a beautiful migrating Monarch stopped in my garden to refuel before heading south.  I get so excited.  I grabbed my camera and went out and was rewarded by some really lovey photos. Of course I gave this amazing butterfly a pep talk...You can do it, safe travels...Go Monarch GO...and then it headed SOUTH!  I get chills up my spine when I get this close to such pure awesomeness!
(This was only the second Monarch that visited my garden this year...)

More to share tomorrow, first the laundry.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.



Lynne said...

All in one day . . . . How long a ride is it for you, one way?
We were in Grand Rapids . . . Sunday . . . so close but too far away!

Happy you were able to see and spend time with your kiddoes!

Melanie said...

I'm surprised you drove all the way there and back in one day! Mike looks so much like Tyke in this photo. Love the bushy beard he has going on...Tim's is almost there, lol. Amanda is a pretty girl...they both look happy. OK, have to ask, why was the cat wearing a shark costume? lol

babs said...

We probably passed each other on the road. We were headed back to Michigan from Chicago yesterday also. I think we hit the road at 11 a.m. your time.

That's a long day going both ways. Did that twice and nope....not again! Getting too old!