Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

What a great weekend.  The weather, predicted to be stormy, was just not.  Hot and humid, and summery, just as the official last weekend of summer should be.  We did the little flea market in record time.  Just too hot for a leisurely stroll.  Soon these hills will be covered in snow and skiers, snowboarders and snow bunnies.
 Today, the grounds were filled with bargain hunters,
 and a devastatingly handsome gentleman in a hat!  Swoon!
The big news in the neighborhood is this barn that has recently received a new metal roof, a coat of white paint and and American Flag painted on it's side.
 It is now a beautiful landmark,
 and a joy to behold.
I played with some little vignettes.  This is the piece of lace from my dear friend's Grandma Pasta.  I found that clock a while back, all it needed was new battery...and the mercury glass ball was snatched up at the same Wisconsin Goodwill for .99!
My dear SIL Elizabeth and dear Bro Greg  traveled to the Upper Penisula of Michigan for a little vacation. At all the beaches along the way Elizabeth picked up driftwood for me, labeling each piece with the name of the place she found it.  Looks so sweet in a crock by the fireplace.  This girl knows what I like.
The find of the year!  At a St. Vincent DePaul store in Libertyville, just up the Penny Willoughby Memorial Highway, aka Milwaukee Ave,(thus named for I can get anywhere, as long as it's along Milwaukee Avenue, all through Chicago and through it's suburbs to the state line!) I found a chair and ottoman for ME!  This fancy pants chair, after the price being reduced several times and a sale of 25% off was just $50!  I've been looking for a chair for a long time, and this one seemed to call my name.  Everything about it looks brand new and the brand is Ethan Allen, one that I would not be able to afford new.  There is a slipcover in this chair's future.  I don't know if I have the patience to do it myself, but there are plenty of tutorials on line for inspiration.  Now to buy and wash a couple of drop cloths!

We've had a great summer.  We didn't travel too far but we had fun!  We got to Ravinia twice, to the Lake a few of times, moved our son to Michigan.  Enjoyed a few Flea Markets, searched the local rummage sales and thrift stores.  We had a few dinners with friends and family, including last night. Grilling with dear Jon and Charlotte, Elizabeth and Greg, Trace, Tyler and the girls.  A great way to end the summer.

Our new reality is Face Time with two of our kids, but how lucky are we to have the technology to see their faces and share some time together across the miles.  Babygrand can read Grandma a story, it's true! Kris and I can talk crochet and motherhood.  Mike and Amanda can share a laugh or two with the folks.  It's a wonderful life, and I am so grateful for every little thing that makes my life so happy.  Especially that guy in the hat...He's numero uno!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!


Melanie said...

Can you believe I've never been to the Wilmot Flea Market?! And it's so close to me. My mom and sister actually set up a booth there a couple of weeks ago, mainly to sell their authentic designer purses. They normally sell on eBay, but they thought they'd try something different. Passed that barn today on my travels down Rt. 12 - looks great! Love the clock in your vignette - and great deal on the chair and ottoman. It'll look fantastic with a slipcover on it. I bet you can do it yourself - you are so talented with stuff like that!

Debby said...

I went searching for you and found your post. You have been busy, a happy busy. I have been clowning around and then sick. Getting better. Are you coming to the Country Living Fair. I would love to meet up with you. Hoping Charlotte is ok. I read some posts I missed. Things here have been a bit boring. No show house showings and me always sick. Y u c k. I am ready for some fun.

Lynne said...

Love that White Barn . . .
And what a great idea of collecting drift wood, marking where it came from and giving it to you as a gift for the crock. Love it!
Thank goodness for Face Time . . . for all those far from family. What a life saver!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Whoa, loving that barn, don't see too many white ones, seems to always be red! Don't think bad of me, BUT I want that driftwood so if it's missing please don't look my way! I've enjoyed this summer too, beautiful weather (except last two weeks) and I've been to great garage and barn sales. Have a great week!