Friday, August 29, 2014

Tablecloth Bonanza

Last weekend, we followed some signs to a rummage sale where I  hit the mother lode of vintage tablecloths. The kind woman running things was setting the prices, so when she said one dollar each, I could barely contain myself. These were not labeled, and I don't know for sure how old they are.  First is the polka dotted rose pattern. It's really unusual, I've never seen any similar.  So cheerful with the roses all around.

This colorful Autumn print.  Perfect for chilly picnics in the falling leaves.
This one's a hoot.  A farm harvest scene.  Sheaves of wheat, pumpkins and growing corn and some fancy dancing by the farmer and his gal pal.
So colorful and cheerful.
At the thrift I found a fancy twin sheet.
This will be pillowcases or a backing for a quilt for a small girl I know and love.
A reason to pull out my trash picked drying rack I like so much.

We spent the evening in the city Tuesday on a emergency mission.  Our dear Charlotte was doubled over in pain, Jon called, stuck at work, feeling helpless.  We got in the car like Batman and Robin.  My dearest got us to the city in record time and to Charlotte's side.  Off we went to the emergency room...imagine the music from Jeopardy, playing over and over in your head... the emergency room....where things move slow. Thankfully, it turned out that Charlotte's pain was nothing serious, just awfully painful.  We were able to stay with Charlotte until Jon could join her, and then stayed around for test results and to take them home.

We were at the same hospital where all of my babies were born, and driving there at night (like all my labors) was quite a blast from the past.  Driving in the city at night, and in the old neighborhood brought back many memories. It was surprisingly quiet with very little traffic.

We got home near 2am.  It took me a while to fall asleep.  Grateful that Charlotte would be better, thinking of all the people we saw go in and out of the ER. Families with sick babies, a young man who'd been injured in a fight, another young man with a bullet wound in the hand...  A young mother with a baby just learning to walk.  She amused him with a bracelet, moving it around the room so he would walk. Another man who injured his arm at work. I forget that every night when we are safe and comfortable in our beds, this drama plays out in Emergency Rooms all over Chicagoland, all over the US.  The Doctors and Nurses, the staff and even the guard and maintenance man were kind and patient. They do this every day and night, so grateful for their expertise.   God bless them all!

We are looking forward to the long holiday weekend.  Making small improvements around the house, heading to the Lake for a long walk and finishing a garden project I started in the spring...  Hope that you can get out and enjoy this last official summer weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Fun, great, fabulous vintage tablecloth finds! WOW!
Enjoy the weekend, in between the rain showers!
Happy your Charolette is okay!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I am freakin jealous!!!!!! Such wonderful linens, and we both do love linens!!!!

Melanie said...

What gorgeous linens you found - and so cheap! Oops, not cheap...inexpensive. lol You know what I mean. Scary about Charlotte, but glad she's OK. But she or Jon really should've called 911 and had an ambulance taken her to the hospital right away; she shouldn't have waited that long for you guys to get there. If it had've been something serious, she could've ended up in big trouble.