Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Mess, Some Play, A Miracle and Some Beauty

 First the MESS.  In my life, I have worked out problems getting busy with a project.  Here you see the mess.  I papered our powder room because the walls were in such bad shape...this was quite a while ago.  I have lived with them, quietly disliking the nautical theme for our vintagey bath we did all by ourselves.  Pulling down the first sheet of wallpaper is the hardest, then there is no going back.  Updates to follow...progress is slow.

This is my family room.  Filled with toys for visiting children...but when my sweetest babygrand cannot visit, we still play.  Penny wants me to read her books, play with the dollhouse, play with the shape sorter.  I play,  Penny tells me what to do, she watches.  Sometimes she plays and I watch.  Last week it was play dough.  Mom made a batch of homemade play dough, and Penny sat in her highchair for 2 hours playing and talking.  I was her audience, as she patted and rolled, cut with play utensils.  The Ipad is the way we stay connected.  Penny tells us what she wants to see around the house...when she wants to see Grandpa in a funny hat, when she wants to see the wagon outside.  It's not the same as being there, but so much fun.

The miracle is this...An orchid that I received as a birthday gift over two years ago is budding and is going to flower again! Dear Jane, I never thought I'd see this plant flower again, but I never gave up on it.  Thank goodness that orchids thrive on neglect.  This is going to be awesome!
 How cool is this!
Finally the beauty.  The hydrangeas are perfect for drying this year.  Not the pink Endless Summer variety, but the Annabelle.  Left in water, they will dry since they are already drying on the bush. This doesn't happen every summer, so when it does, I cut and save some beauty for the cold months ahead.

Things are settling in.  Mikey is happy and keeping in touch with this old Mom. I am keeping busy, appreciating my husband and his patience and love...Finding my way in this new season of life.

I just wanted to mention Robin Williams.  Our whole family is mourning his loss.  I have never heard my husband laugh the way he does at Robin's stand up comedy.  The Live at the Met show is one of my dearests favorites. I first loved Robin in The World According to Garp, Awakenings, his appearances on Johnny Carson and David Letterman and in countless other films.  I don't remember ever feeling so sad to lose someone I never met.  Life is so precious, I can't understand the dark place he was in to take that sacred life. I hope that the outpouring of love and the thousands of stories of Robin's kindness are a comfort to his family, and help for all of those who suffer in silence.  Life is priceless and help is within reach.  God rest Robin's beautiful soul.

Everyday is a gift, enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

Love, Penny


Melanie said...

It is such a tough job to strip wallpaper! What do you plan on doing to the walls once you're done? That is so cute that your Sweet P tells you what she wants you to do and what she wants to see, all over Skype. Imagine just 10 years ago when none of this was available! Guess there's always talking by phone, but then you couldn't see her. I feel the same way you do about Robin Williams. This is one celebrity death that has really shook me up.

Lynne said...

I enjoy the thought of you playing with toys with Little P on the iPad . . . such a wonderful gramma you are . . .

A project sometimes distracts when ones youngest has moved away to begin a new chapter . . .

Robin Williams sudden death is just so sad . . . a comic icon like no other . . . He brought such joy to millions, how sad we couldn't be there for him . . .