Monday, August 4, 2014

Around the House

Queen Anne's Lace in my front yard.  Is there anything as delicately beautiful?  Popped up in the mulch and I couldn't wait for the flower!
 Loved this tag on a thrifted curtain, soon to become dishtowels.
 Fancy curtain, perfect stripes. (Overcast day, bad photo)
 Ten yards of eyelet.
Almost walked by this pillow.  From Target, still with the tags...$2.00. (It was $25 in the store, with some of the profits going to FEED, a group that fights hunger)  This pillow went home with Jon and Charlotte, for their cool city apartment. Charlotte starts a new job today.  They are so lucky to have her...she is AWESOME!
This tablecloth, machine embroidered, with  rose motifs all over.  It may become a curtain in guest room two called the Rose Room.
A project years in the making.  I bought this hardware kit from Ikea to hang over the kitchen sink a couple of years ago..  My handy guy has a looong waiting list.  Well, he got to it this weekend and it looks awesome. Thanks honey!
 It is a tightened wire that has little clips that glide across it. It is used for photos and other display.
 I saw it as a industrial touch in my vintagey frankenkitchen.  I wasn't sure what I would hang, then remembered the linen hand towels, also from Ikea that I've had for several years.
 Sorry to all my friends who iron, but the towels were unrolled and hung and I love it!
 A little touch of linen and steel.  A cool combination!
 I've been seeing this stand all over blogland. Mine has been in the basement, covered in mugs from last winter's cocoa bar.  Getting a couple of these green ball jars at the hardware, complete the the magic of steel and glass!
Simple pleasures, around the house.

This is traditionally our vacation week, but this year we are staying close to home, helping our last chick pack up and leave for the Great White North.  Cue Bob and Doug McKenzie.:-)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.



Debby said...

Have a nice staycation. The flowers are all so pretty right now. Won't be long and they will be parting ways. HUGS

Melanie said...

Hello, my dear friend. We have Queen Anne's lace popping up in various places on our property as well. I know it's pretty, but did you know it's an invasive species? Your new kitchen curtains are so pretty. I usually iron things, but I think these actually look better a little wrinkled! Love the creative way you're using your mug rack. Looks really pretty with the green jars.

Lynne said...

Pleasant little Queen Anne pop up omen . . .
When is your first trip to visit the Michiganders?

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

All great stuff, Penny. Esp. the pillow and the eyelet! I'd love to display my bottle drying rack. If I could find it, that is:)
xo Kathy

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Queen Anne's Lace is all over in my garden, wherever the Queen lays a new home she is welcome. I love her so. Like you why iron when it looks better just being. Like your new curtain hanger. Have a blessed day!