Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Project #1 in Progress

 The removal of the wallpaper was awful.  Days of peeling and scraping, still to have the walls look like
a mess.  I worked for a few days, resting my arms and neck for a day in between.  I am sure my work would not be acceptable to the professional, but to me the end result is pleasing.  On the worst parts of the wall I hung some vintage pages from a gardening book.  Giving the whole room a vintage look I am really digging the most!
 I spent only the cost of a quart of paint for the wainscoting, that I am yet to complete, and a small container of Spackle.  That's it.  I had the paint from my kitchen freshen up this spring. Free labor from my dear one and  my elbow grease pulled it all together
 This apothecary sign was hidden in my laundry room for years.  I paid $1.99 for it at the Hob Lob.
 The clock was thrifted or rummaged, can't remember.
 The towels I made years ago and never used. The apothecary print also a bargain from Hob Lob going back a few years. The photos are not great with no natural light and weird shadows... I used a flash to brighten things up.  Let's just say it looks good in dim light.  :-)
 Just a few of random book pages look really cool.
 The rug I've used and almost ruined in the kitchen has been cleaned and glued.  It looks so good right at the sink. Looking at my waste basket and thinking...what to do, what to do?...
Cleaning out this cabinet is the job for this gloomy day.

Before... I came a long way baby.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  I do here by solemnly swear to try to be a better blogger, have more interesting posts, visit all of my dear friends here in the Land of Blog...come September!  Ha, maybe October.  Thanks for sticking with me. I am grateful for your friendship.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

Well done . . .
Love the color and the new look!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Looks great! My fave is the large apothecary sign.
xo Kathy

Karen Doyle said...

love the pages from the garden book as wall art, very clever and lovely!