Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Serious Blogger's Purse

Well, in my continuing commitment to serious blogging, I bought a purse that I can carry my camera in. I am not a fancy purse girl, though I own a few fancier ones than the one I regularly carry. I carry it across my shoulder in a J.J. Bittenbinder approved way. ( A Chicago detective who gave talks in the 80's about women's safety.) My little black purse held JUST the essentials, wallet, hand cream, hand sanitizer, tissues, a small amount of makeup, my phone, a pen and calendar. It was all lined up in a very orderly way. No room for my keys, so I have them on a carabiner. A clip, to those of you who are not veteran hang gliders. (I'm not kidding!) (OK, I did it once!) Anyway, I want to have my camera, at the ready! So.... Yesterday, I emptied my little black, and filled my bigger green. Quite spontaneously, hubby decided we needed to test out the truck just back from the shop. In 30 minutes we are at Gillson Park on My Lake Michigan. A beautiful full moon hung in the sky, and my camera... on my desk, at home. Oh well, baby steps. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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