Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Dreams, Easter Reality

I cleaned and painted, arranged and fluffed, baked and cooked and thought of every detail to make our Easter Brunch one that we would all remember. We are all going to remember this Easter, not because of the wonderful brunch, but because of the water raining down from the ceiling. My son left the shower running with the spray directly on the seal between the wall and tub. I guess you can't do that in this old house. It was chaos, running upstairs to see what was leaking, throwing towels and the garbage can under the steady stream. Then, the smoke detector went off because the butter I was melting on the stove before the water started, burnt black. Just as the water stopped and the whole house fan cleared the smoke, the detector went off again. This time one of the dishes overflowed in the oven, another smokey mess. Had this all happened just 15 minutes earlier, before our family and other guests started arriving, no one would have ever known. Instead, the family saw the whole mess. Did we have a good time? Yes, it was great. The thing I'll remember most is that everyone pitched in. My beautifully dressed sister in law, my brother, friends, my kids and hubby. And, the weather was beautiful, even if it rained inside! I didn't take one picture, but I'll never forget this year's Easter Brunch!
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