Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Pot Wreath

A few years ago I made this flower pot wreath, it as easy as can be, just a little heavy and awkward to work with. It's weathered nicely with a little moss, and is a welcoming addition to the not so pretty chain link gate. All you need is pots in several sizes. They need to have a drainage hole because that's how you wire them to a sturdy grapevine wreath. I used regular floral wire, the kind you get on a paddle at the craft store. I also used the wire to attach the wreath to the gate. It gets pretty heavy after all the pots are attached. All you do is run long lengths of wire through the pots, and attach randomly to the wreath. I started with the large ones and filled in with the small. I was thinking that with the different varieties of peat and coir pots that it would be cool to make one for inside. It would be much lighter and you could use hot glue to hold them on the wreath. The arbor has a bittersweet vine actually pulling the arbor down, it's so strong. On the other side is a kiwi vine. It makes this side entrance to our back yard (as we Chicagoan's call the garden) very inviting.

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