Friday, April 30, 2010

The Blogger Purse Works!

When visiting a friend, she showed me this perfect nest in the hedge in front of her home. WAIT!, I exclaimed. I HAVE MY CAMERA! Yes, I had my camera. Isn't this nest beautiful? Sooo wonderful. The color of those eggs! Mother Robin was close by giving us an ear full. I went home and loaded my photo on to Picasa, where I was able to print out postcard sized prints onto watercolor paper. I am going to mount them on note cards as a gift for the "expectant parents".

I'm checking out some sales this weekend, and hoping to have some good finds to show you. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lisha said...

Penny, I think that the notecards for expectant parents is a great idea. I am a nature lover and the Robin's nest and eggs looks so sweet~~heartwarming! Lisha