Monday, June 6, 2011

Sure Signs of Summer

Peonies, the first of the season.  I grew up with peony bushes in every yard in my neighborhood growing up in Chicago.  The fragrance takes me back...  Daddy always picked the first  bloom for Mom, and later the first one was for me. 
This is only the second year I got a few decent blooms.
They are tricky getting started  but will bloom
for years and years to come.
The local nursery is filled with temptations. 
My plan for this year...start from seed,
cut down on purchasing annuals.
 I love the funny signs popping up in the nursery's...  remember,
 the chair for bored husbands...
This store had a parking lot full,
 but my husband wasn't bored at all...
 though maybe a little bit hot!
All these plants and I only bought 2,
an angel vine and a beautiful sage.
I did get into the garden, planted some seeds and made a living wreath.  I'll post about that tomorrow.  We also visited the Kane County Flea Market on Sunday, and saw some old friends and made some new ones.  I'll post about that after I take a few photos of my treasures.

A busy week ahead with a celebration of my dearest one's birthday.  Did I ever tell you I robbed the cradle?  It's true.  He was just an innocent lad of 17 when we met, and I an older and wiser 19.  Sparks flew that day and still do! 

It's going to be a rainy day, and you know what they say about rainy days and Mondays...
always get, me down.
It just might be a " Carpenters" kind of day. 


Aunt Barb said...

I love peonies. My favorite. My bushes are loaded with buds. Shouldn't be long now.

tikascm said...

I am even going to do some "gardening" this summer. Just an "earth box" with a couple of tomatoe plants and some nastursims(spelling) but gardening just the same. I also have a basil plant in the kitchen window, with the lovely violet plant from Elizabeth. Love you, Pal.

Lynne said...

I have one peonie and I think it has had one or maybe two blooms in twenty years. So keep taking pictures and sending them so I and others can live vicariously. Your photos are fabulous.