Friday, June 10, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Stop the world...I don't want to get off, just slow it down. ( Like Superman did, before he spun the world backwards so that Lois Lane would be alive again. That's my favorite Superman movie, who wouldn't want to fly with Christopher Reeve, but I digress...)  It's Friday and the week flew by.  Tyke had a happy birthday, traveled to Texas and back, we had landscapers working on our jungle out back, and summer is tick tick ticking away. 

This post is from last Sunday.  We went to the Kane County Flea Market.  The first thing I spotted was this little Fisher Price TV.  It's dated 1962.  My kids played with one that played Row Row Row Your Boat and London Bridges. After all these years the music box still plays and the story still rolls past on the screen.  They just don't make toys like this any more!  I  had to have this Winnie the Pooh TV for our little bird.   Can't tell you how many times we watched Pooh get stuck in Rabbit's house, and she loves it every time. 

Willy, nilly, silly Old Bear...

Then we saw Wanda and Sara from The Perfect Pear.  These girls are so sweet, and have the coolest stuff.  I admired this rug at their booth in Woodstock at the Colonial Antique Mall, and they had it marked down at Kane.  It came home with me.  I might use it on my table, it's too pretty to walk on.

I went looking for these talented girls, 2 Chicks and a Fancy Owl. Urban Farmgirl, featured this bowl on her blog. Bought one for my daughter Kristen who knits, and my hubby insisted that I have one too.  I wish I was still in my pottery phase, (I've had three, recently with my husband...and I just found the box of the things we made while cleaning my closet!) I'd be making some myself...  These girls are bringing back ceramics!  All of their lovely stuff was in a clear glaze which made all the items look modern and fresh.  That's an easy shawl I'm making, with a pattern from my friend Jean.  Don't you love the color of the yarn?

I bought this beautiful and unique sign from Crystal from The Tattered Gardener.  This talented lady makes things that I drool over.  Clever and ingenious use of old stuff for the garden, all with her signature font and sweet sayings.  I asked to take a photo of some of her great stuff, but she preferred that I didn't, so I took her photo!  This is the second show I saw her at,  and I couldn't leave without a little something.

Last week we had our end of the year dinner and my Guild Sisters gave me this lovely painted vase.  Thanks dear girls!

I'm not caught up with the week, more photos soon of the work going on in our back yard.  I've had this song in my head while I wrote this post...Joni Mitchell...

And the seasons they go round and round

And the painted ponies go up and down

We're captive on the carousel of time

We can't return we can only look

Behind from where we came

And go round and round and round

In the circle game...

PS...In case you didn't know, there is ALWAYS a song in my head, how about you?


Lynne said...

I was just thinking as I scrolled through your post, this gal knows the words to song after song after song! And lo and behold you say, "in case you don't know , there is ALWAYS a song in my head . . . "

I'll bet there is another story there?

What fun!

Love the bowl for a ball of yarn. Excellent idea . . . Barbie showed me their site and both of us said, "we want one of those!".

Fisher Price toys from the sixties were the best. Hours plus hours my little Susie played with the FP doll house. (Me too!)

I love your posts Penny.

tikascm said...

Love the bowl for holding the yarn!!! Where can I get one??? Love you, Pal