Monday, June 13, 2011

Rediscovering Our Garden

A long time ago, two city dwellers bought a house on a quarter acre.  They had big dreams, and big plans to keep the garden in it's easy to care for style.  Perennials in a shade garden surrounding a small pond.  How hard could it be to keep up?  Day One.  My husband Tyke, is literally hit by a truck.  He suffers a shattered hip.  It's  months before he is able to climb the stairs and sleep in his own bed.  Gardening takes a back seat.  The garden took care of itself...until.  One morning we woke up to strange light coming into the back of our house.  In the night a strong wind broke the beautiful silver maple that provided the shade for our beautiful perennial shade garden. Split it down the middle!  Nine hundred dollars later, we had a shade garden in full sun.  The rest is history.  All the shade loving plants died and others took their place.  Grasses, thistles, weeds of every sort took up residence in our garden.  We, the city dwellers were not equipped to deal with this turn of events, and eventually stopped trying.
 Where's the pond?
 I think I saw a monkey in this jungle...
 It's taking over the house!
 We took drastic measures.  Reduced the size of our garden plot, and increased the size of our lawn.
 Looks pretty bleak right now.
We are replanting this smaller garden with some of my favorites, it's a WIP but we're getting it done a little at a time.
This guy came to visit and let me get this close!  Someone took a bite out of his wing!  I called him Nemo, for reasons obvious to all who hang out with two year olds on a regular basis. He flew just fine and hung around for several minutes.  It was the highlight of our day of chores around the garden and shed.
All that's left of this part of the garden are these roses.  I think it's a good place to start.  I'm going back outside, while we are enjoying these mild temperatures.  Wish me luck!

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Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Penny!
It will all take root and grow back quicker than you think!
I a sorry to hear of your hubbie's accident. That sounds awful.
Anxious to see this bloom in the following months!