Monday, June 27, 2011

Things at the Flea Market

Saw this camper and thought of friend wants to find a "canned ham" to glam up.   Sorry, this vintage one was not for sale.
 How cute is this guy.  The talented artist made things out of  repurposed things...too cool.  What an imagination!
 There are always cool cars at the flea market.  Cool guys too ;-)
 This rusty flower came home with us...
as did this aluminum leaf and cherry and strawberry table runner.  I've never seen a vintage runner before and the price was right...
This cement leaf bowl is something I'd like to try and make myself.  Until then, this one is so pretty with just a little water, and a blossom or two.

The Flea Market was at Wilmot...
One dollar admission, plenty of parking, wide aisles, friendly vendors and cool stuff at great prices. What more could you want on a perfect June morning... 

Ok, It wasn't a perfect day...we were rear ended on the way to the one was hurt and our car was fine...(a tank) and  the other car was scratched.   Just a truth in blogging moment.  Have a great day.

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Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Rear ended? Oh no, Penny!
I like what you found though.
My friend collects those cement leaf molds and has them in her garden and home.
So pretty!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend.
Looks like our weather is going to hold up and be sunny. Yay!