Sunday, October 23, 2016

More of Charlotte and Jon's Wedding

Things are slowly getting back to normal...Here's more of the story...

 We had a simple rehearsal dinner at a neighborhood sports bar.  I just put a couple of decorations on the tables, a few favors and a grocery store cake.  The food was great and abundant, and Jon and Charlotte's family and friends enjoyed a low key night before the big day.
 Our Jon and Charlotte!
 The cake was half strawberry torte and half chocolate torte.  It was a big hit with everyone!
 The next morning,Wedding Day started cold and misty.  There was fog on the roads and it didn't look very promising for a outdoor wedding.  We, meaning Elizabeth and I, decorated the Schoolhouse steps with broom corn, bushel baskets, pumpkins, mums and I wove bittersweet from my arbor at home into the pickets on the fence.
 Charlotte brought the washboards.  They were a cute and vintage element to the decor.
 There were lanterns lining the aisle which Mike and Amanda decorated with autumn picks and burlap ribbon.

I filled my wheelbarrow with a old lace tablecloth and used it to hold the programs, bubbles and little white pumpkins and the Jon and Charlotte chalkboard I made for their shower. The clouds parted and the weather warmed for the ceremony.
 Our big contribution to the celebration was doing a sweet table for the happy couple.  They had decided that they wanted cookies, not cake.  Here the cookies are still covered and all the finishing touches are not several dozen mini pumpkin pies!
 Taffy apples, donuts from a local shop, lot's of special candies.
 Reese's chocolate peanut butter chex mix. They cut a loaf of homemade bread instead of a cake.  Jon is the guy who cuts the bread for every holiday at home.  We surprised him with this sentimental touch.

Our family is wild for this bread.  Jon guards over it, and there have been some fun moments as people try to steal a taste before dinner.

 I found this cute felt notice board at HobLob.  Hubby did the letters.  It was just what out table needed.  Let's just say that the sweet table was a BIG SUCCESS!
 Charlotte had so many cute touches.  The tables were elegant with flowers, votives, white pumpkins all on a wooden charger.  A burlap runner covered each table.
 Flameless candles and votives lined the wall boards.
 Everything was so special, Charlotte found so many beautiful and meaningful things to include in their day. .

This is the schoolhouse after the ceremony.

This was the barn from the loft.  Magical!

My feelings on this special day in a later post
More photos when the photographer sends a sneak peek.

Speaking of magical, The Chicago Cubs are going to the World's Series!  I will write more about this later.  Let's just say, WOW!  My fourteen year old self is thrilled, my sixty one year old self is grateful.  Thank you Cubbies.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.
Enjoy this beautiful day.



Melanie said...

This wedding looked absolutely beautiful! Your beautiful touches are just one of the things that made it extra special. You are so creative. I would love to attend a wedding like this anyday over the stuffy, formal ones. Congratulations to Jon and Charlotte ~ may they be blessed with many happy years together. xoxo

Lynne said...

Looks and sounds sweet, magical, personal . . .
all things wonderful for a perfect wedding day . . .
Even the clouds parting . . . for the lovely day!
Looking forward to more and more and more . . .
(And yay cubbies from me too . . .)