Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This and That... On a gloomy Day in January

Oh the gloom, after the lights of Christmas.  Filling my home with equally bright Valentine decorations seems to be the only way to go. These little cherub topiaries have graced my home each February for almost 30 years.  I saw them on the cover of the Spiegel catalog and had to have them.
Mom shopped the Spiegel catalog, and I remember many a birthday waiting for the UPS man who was bringing my gift.
 Gifts are here and there. A painted gingerbread house from my baby bug and a ornament from the little bird and from their Grandma Elizabeth the cute vintage looking box filled with treasures.
 Like this roll of tinsel and the glittered nest.  Too pretty to put away just yet.

 Collections...These hobnail vases, for any occasion.  I've found them for as little as a quarter.  We have another wedding next year and all the festivities that require flowers.
 Small changes, a little greenery...
 moss balls and some shiny ones.  That seems to be a new collection in the making.
 Snowflakes are winter, right? ...Love this mobile, and hate to put it away.
 Changed up some of the clipboards.
 I plan on keeping this globe up all year.
 A new rug in the family room.  It's from the Home Depo.  It's vintage worn look is perfect with my fireplace update.
 My Valentine mantle, a mix of what was already there for Christmas...
 a couple of rose bowls with silk roses...
 Mercury glass candle holder and votives.
 It's all about Love,
Sweet Love.

Working on a project and taking some photos as I go along.  Waited for some mild temps so I can spray paint.  January is the time for reading books, starting new projects and relaxing after the marathon that is the holiday season.  Take some time for yourself my friends!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love, Penny


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Your home is so very pretty!

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Another wedding coming up . . .
Did I miss who?