Monday, September 11, 2017

Time Well Spent

 Some weekends are filled with fun, and others are work filled.  We had a working weekend, but we took off a couple of hours for a walk.
 The English Walled Garden is my favorite at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
 Beautiful brick, benches, flowers and vines.
 Handsome guys who work so hard, they need a little R&R.
 Dappled light.
 Looks like Autumn.

" Know the true value of time, snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it."  Lord Chesterfield

 A wayward vine in a manicured garden.
 Morning Glories.

 A woman who loves this garden. (...and the man taking the photo.)
 So beautifully designed.
 A pop of red growing in an unusual way.
 Arbors filled with vines.
 Paths that draw you in.
 The carillon.  Have yet to hear a concert .
 We just heard the bells beautifully strike noon.
 A large gathering we passed through and then had the gardens mostly to ourselves.
 Great shadow from the table where we paused to let all the beauty around us sink in.
 Hydrangea of all shapes and sizes.

 Winding bridges.
 Russian sage.
 Then a quick trip down the road to the Lake... and we were rejuvenated.
On a weekend when so many were in peril, my thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the recent hurricanes.
Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Beautuful . . .
As we enjoyed a blue sky weekend . . .
I couldn't help but think of the endurance others were facing . . .