Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspired by Ferns

Botanicals never really go out of style, but ferns were really big about ten years ago. They are making a comeback in all the catalogs and in the shops. This photo is from the Pottery Barn a few weeks ago. See the pillows in the back on the sofa? That's my inspiration for a little project I plan to do this week.
This fern print will show up in my work too, but what I am planning to do is stencil on burlap. Whatever happened to stenciling? I know that the technique is still used, but mostly for graphics and not so much for the ferns, flowers and nests. Luckily I've kept my nicest stencils and plan for their comeback! (FYI, neon colors are coming back for the 3rd time in my lifetime...;-) Everything old is new again! Have a creative day.

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