Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paczki Day Rebel

Today is Paczki day. I do not make paczki. Why? Because I hate to deep fry. I go to Dunkin Donuts and buy my family and my brother Greg's family "paczki" from the nice people at the counter. Of course Mom made paczki, but I know she would understand. In fact she might applaud the fact that I take the easy way today, yet still keep the tradition. In Mom's honor, I present to you my alternative post for today...Meet "Yeasted Chocolate Coffee Cake". A recipe I saw on Martha Stewart, (A nice Polish girl you may have heard of...) and wanted to try.
It went together easily...if you're comfortable with a yeast dough, which I am.
It made a lovely and delicious loaf. One drawback, it overflowed in the oven and my smoke detector went off for the last 30 minutes of the baking. Even with the hood fan on!
Not to mention the mess in the oven! The moral of the story... One smokey, stinky mess is as bad as the other. Choose your sweets carefully. Enjoy!

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