Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now for something completely different...

I am and will always be a Steve Dahl fan.  Listening to Steve (and Garry) got me through my Mommy years.
You know the years that your children are young and need you 24/7.  When there is little time taken just for you and your mental health, that time I took out for myself was listening to Steve.

I started listening on the day after Disco Demolition.  Steve blew up disco records at the old Comiskey Park, and the wild aftermath of that explosion made the White Sox forfeit a major league baseball game.
The next morning, curious,  I tuned in, and continued listening until Steve stopped broadcasting on the radio.

This weekend Steve and Garry were inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame here in Chicago.  Steve choose not to attend.  It's been all over local media why... I have my own problems with Steve's former partner.  When Steve and Garry broke up, it was the closest I've ever personally felt to a divorce, anyway, to choosing sides.  I did choose, Steve.  I cannot and will not listen to Garry.

I have in my 58 years had influential people in my life.  Steve is up there on my list.  From the outside, when people knew that I loved Steve, I would get comments like, "That's so out of character for you, Penny."  In fact, those comments came from people only knowing him from things they heard or read, not because they listened.  Before there was social media, Steve talked about what was happening...or when something happened, I couldn't wait to hear Steve's take on it. 

He turned me on to so much great music...Not what you'd expect...Hawaiian music, slack key guitar music, Jimmy Webb, Joe Walsh... I saw HD TV for the first time at one of his shows, heard Jimmy Webb sing Galveston live on the air, sigh... Brian Wilson, brought back to life...  Steve actually helped my relationship with my oldest brother. Tony would call me to talk Steve...Did you hear?...Can you believe?

There were times I couldn't believe what Steve said, turned off the radio when the kids were in the room.
He said what he thought, so different from the way I was taught in Catholic school.  Even thinking of some things were a sin...  Steve talked about everything, good and bad, happy and sad.  Personal, private...I heard Steve and Janet's first child born, and it was a beautiful moment.

I have so many happy, wet your pants funny memories, but he also shared things that were hard, loses.  I was listening when John Belushi died, a close friend of Steve's and an icon for so many of our age... or when Marcus, a young man who worked for Steve died after a tonsillectomy...When Garry lost his Dad.  I cried a few times when Steve played If You See Me Getting Smaller...or Adios.  Steve's is one of the first web sites I ever bookmarked back in the day. It was how he stayed in touch between radio jobs.

Chicago radio to me is Steve Dahl.  I will not wear a rain hat while driving and listen to WGN. ;-)

*Steve hosts a daily podcast, and I still follow him on the web. Thank you Steve!

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Blondie's Journal said...

We're a lot alike, Penny. I also had my radio tuned into Steve Dahl everyday in my early twenties. Driving to work everyday flew by because I was laughing so hard!

I had a boyfriend in a band that Steve and Garry liked so I met them several times, I was also at a party at Steve and Janet's. Sadly, this was back in the day when he used to drink a lot and really got out of hand. I believe he has turned everything around now and I'm happy.

Great memories!


Lynne said...

I liked this Penny . . . thinking about you "hooked on Steve" as it helped you through your mothering days made me smile.

I am not sure if I ever heard Steve but I was "hooked on WGN" for years. Listening to Kathy and Judy, filled many of my less than happy days with smiles and giggles. I just couldn't accept mornings without Kathy and Judy. As I would drive from one work place to another, the car radio was always set on WGN . . . the tears of laughter could be heard from my car as I listened to those two. And then they stopped . . . I think it was some kind of downsizing but the girls called it "retirement." It wasn't the same after that . . .

Loved your post . . . you have a perfect authentic quality. No wonder you are GOLDEN!

Melanie said...

I listened to Steve Dahl all the time way back when, too! Thought he was hilarious. Kinda forgot about him, to tell you the truth. So he's still around?!

Oh, heck no on WGN - I'm with you on that, too! :-)

Debbie Freitag said...

Such good memories, listening to Steve in the mornings on the way to work. My husband was at the Disco Demolition that day. Wish we could blow up some of those rap songs the kids listen to today. (now that statement makes me sound old, lol).
Thank you for sharing.

suzan c said...

I too liked listening to Steve here in LaSalle County. I too have forgotten about him. See him when I get to watch Windy City Live. Glad he was inducted
Suzan C