Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Update/Housework Wins Edition

See that mat of leaves on the front lawn?  They were not going to rake themselves.
You know what, it's the change of the seasons that I love so much, and the chores connected with each season.  So after my sweetheart left to have the oil changed, I hightailed it out for some autumn!
(I am still under the weather, 70 to 80% better but still risking the wrath
of hubby for "not taking it easy.")

This tree, a volunteer, stops my heart each year.
What a color, and if you miss one might be gone! 

You can only see it from in the house from a window that points towards our neighbors,
so I don't really look out that window much.

I might say this about every autumn, but this one has been amazing
as far as the colors go...don't you think?

These leaves were heavy, soaked with the rain from the previous days.

We can rake to the parkway, but I couldn't.  It was easier to pick them up.

Something so satisfying about a raked lawn, a freshly shoveled driveway,
a newly planted garden, a just picked veggie...
You know, Love is an Endless Season ;-)

Hello my friends!
You might be wondering how the work indoors is coming...
Well, this is my new computer space.
Pretty bare bones right now, and I was only off line for two days.
Thank you to Mike and my hubby who dd all the
heavy lifting.  Mike's in his "new" sewing/crafts room is now in the basement
and the new guest room (where my computer is) is a new bed away from
being complete.  Since it will be used just a few times a year, it will be
my space, upstairs.  Painting will have to wait, but I have enough art to cover all the
walls, twice!

The roses on my chair are a glimspe of the theme I will use.

This is my view from my desk chair.  Inspiring, in all seasons!

Thanks for stopping by...Oh my, November!  Counting the days... Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Melanie said...

So now that you did all that raking...does your yard look the same way all over again?! I find that's what happens when I rake. I think we get to see that bare ground for 1/2 day and then it's covered in leaves again! I hope that you will soon be enjoying your new computer space. Tim's room - once it gets painted and gets new flooring - will be Brian's space. Phil's old room is my space.

Lynne said...

Yay . . . the leaves are gone . . . wait, they're back!
This might be a repeated happening . . . at least around here!

Love your red tree!