Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This and That

 Check out this beautiful graphic.  A free download here.  Hung in a plastic frame painted with chalk paint.
 My tiny kitchen table is a mess of projects...These glittery butterflies are getting a vintage makeover.  .
Jean, close your eyes..., They NEED MORE GLITTER!
 We solved the problem, the problem is solved.  If you are hip to Peg plus Cat I'm sure you were singing along.(One of babygrand's favorite shows on PBS) Long ago when we had the stairs carpeted and installed on the landing,  we removed the iron railing that kept little people from going over.  Since we now have a small person who will be visiting often, (WOOOHOO!) we needed to take a permanent step.  Thanks to an idea from Pinterest, we installed this bookcase at the edge of the stairs.  A few screws and an L bracket and we are in business. It is also a great place for the books that seem to multiply daily and honey's poker chip collection. A few books for the small one and a little chair I painted long ago will make a place for our baby girl to quietly read books that once belonged to her Mommy.
 The fruits of my labor, seven jars of cinnamon almonds (one was sent to a friend) and the dried orange slices. Feels good to have a few things for the holiday complete.
 Veteran's Day sale at the thrift.  All bedding 50% off.  This queen sized quilt, $5!
Washed and ready for a snuggle, a fort, a picnic, a tea party.  I have a one track mind.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Lynne said...

So they will be home for Thanksgiving and then the move? Oh my, won't you have fun!