Monday, November 3, 2014

Busy Weekend

 It's a rare weekend when I take no photos, especially in the Autumn, but we were working on the house, getting it ready for the holidays and company.  I had to share this photo of my little orchid.  For weeks now
this little show stopper has given me so much pleasure.  The last bud has now opened, and I have no idea how long the blooms will last.  What a little miracle.
 It was so much fun to watch it come back into bloom.
 Once again thanks to my dear friend Jane.
One day last week I found these rare candle holders,.by one of my favorite artists, Sarah Lugg.  I have featured her art here before and was inspired to make my own tag art, with nature's bounty just like Sarah.
 These tags spell out peace, in such a lovely way.
 I've never seen any licensed products for Sarah before except for some crafting kits I own.
 One of those moments you want to cheer in the thrift store, EUREKA!
On the same trip I found this canning jar.  I was lamenting the fact that I didn't own a wide mouth blue ball jar, and didn't even know if they existed.  There on the shelf was this cool green jar with the French word for garden, Jardin.  I had purchased this lamp kit from the hob lob, even though it was pricey, (of course with a coupon) and not exactly sure where I would use it.  
 Just one of those things that are so cool I know I'll find the perfect place for it.
We had the craziest weather on Halloween, 50 to 60 mph wind gusts, snow, the Lake was lapping over Lake Shore Drive, breaking up the concrete paths.  Still the trick or treaters came.  Our little bird and baby bug costumes were Pippi Longstockings and a little witch. They came to trick or treat, and  they stayed for hot chocolate and to warm up a bit. (and many hugs, they are getting so big!) Then they went out with Grandma and Mommy to visit some houses on our block. Brrrrr!  We'll be talking about the weather on this Halloween for years to come.

The Great Pumpkin did not come this year to our house (no sincere pumpkin patch, actually no pumpkin patch at all.) but I did get to share my favorite Halloween tradition with my babygrand this weekend.  Poor Mommy has a bad ear infection and had to go to the Doctor.  Penny was sooo upset.  So Daddy called Grandma. We played together long distance over the ipad.  First with toys and then by watching (for Penny's first time) It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  Penny loved the part when Linus rolls with the pumpkin and of course all of the parts with Snoopy.  By the time Linus gets put to bed, Mommy was home, and we got to share the funniest parts again, again!  My girls, I cannot wait to have them close, Daddy too!

Speaking of being close, we were called last night by Jon and Charlotte.  They bought a portable dishwasher, the dream of every apartment dweller, from someone moving on Craig's List.  When it came time to get it into the car, it was too big.  Jon called...So how's it going?  What cha doing?  ...This is what we're here for, we are like Batman and Robin just waiting for the Bat signal. ;-)  Off we went in the Batmobile, aka known as Grandpa's Big Blue Truck and headed for the city.   We got to the kids within the hour. The problem was solved,  and we were back in our cozy chairs before the news.  Oh to have all the kids close by...not only for us, but for each other.

So that was our weekend. If you read to this point, thanks so much for stopping by. ;-)
Enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

Our trick or treat was cold and rainy too. So cute how you spend time with Little P. Is there a chance they would move closer. I never dreamed my son and his family would. It took us months to believe they were back. You are good parents to rescue your son, hah. We would have done the same. Happy November.

Lynne said...

Such good momma and daddy people you are.
It takes a village most days, doesn't it!
(Cute that with "just two people" a dishwasher was needed!). SMILE . . .