Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

The weather was so mild.  It did not feel like Christmas at all.  Then the family came and it WAS Christmas Eve,  All of my family, my husband, daughter Kris and Doug, Granddaughter Penny,  Son Jon and Charlotte and even  Son Mike traveled from Ohio to be with us.  We missed Mike's girlfriend Amanda who was visiting her family in Michigan, but otherwise we were all together.
All my brothers, their wives and kids and  most grand kids were there too.  So very sweet to have a full house.  I made some traditional Polish cookies, Kolaczki, and stuffed cabbage, Gulumpki, along with Lasagna, Italian Beef and Chicken, mashed potatoes, and pierogi..  There was a romaine salad with pears, cranberries and pecans,  some fresh fruit and a veggie tray.   Of course there were two big cookie trays, and trays went out to the neighbors and friends and family.  Everyone ate and and enjoyed.  We played our lottery game with a mountain of gifts.  It was so noisy, and silly and fun with the little one's helping out as gift pickers.

My brothers were nostalgic remembering Mom's Gulumpki, and there were a few teary eyed moments remembering Mom and Buscia.  It was also sad remembering Monika's Dad who recently passed.  It's always hard when someone is missing.  So there were plenty of hugs all around,
The kids had a great time, the cousins reconnected and my sister-in-laws and I talked and laughed.
My Honey and I had our quiet moment when we walk outside to gaze at the luminaries, and thank God for the amazing blessings of our life together.
Our dear pals Jean and Tom gave us this sign and it's so perfect for summing up our holiday...

I even managed to round up the whole family for a photo.  My treasures, my family! Another Christmas is history, a warm memory to place in my heart.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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