Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Time is Here..

 I've been everywhere, done everything, but I need more time.  Don't we all?  .
We had a small visitor this weekend and where Penny goes, fun follows.  On the way to our house, Grandpa took us through Rosemont a local burb with fancy lights.  Penny was so excited and said the lights were so beautiful they made her want to cry.  Where she got this sensitivity at three years old, well, I'll never tell! (She is my granddaughter after all ;-)   We found a closer display on Saturday that she also enjoyed. We were able to walk through a park and enjoy the lights.  She engineered the train and ran to all the different displays.
 We had the nicest time.  Penny and Grandpa are so sweet together.
 Sunday afternoon was just for me and my guy.
This is Marty the bagpipe player, warming up for his performance. We met a couple of years ago when we attended our first Winter Solstice Bonfire at Somme Woods in Northbrook, Illinois.
 This year 400 people attended!
 Marty and the drummer John  lead the way into the woods.
The huge pile of wood, mostly invasive species that are cleared by volunteers, is set ablaze to celebrate the shortest day of the year. Being in the woods, bagpipe playing and feeling the heat from the fire is a wonderful break from all the hustle and bustle of holiday prep. I look forward to this day.
I've been busy baking, and that went pretty quick.  Unfortunately I usually keep the cookies in our unheated garage.  This year with our above average temps, I have stopped buying groceries so I have enough room in the refrigerator for cookies!  Eventually I'll have to make up my cookie trays and turn off the heat completely in the house to keep them fresh!  Hard to complain about an abundance of cookies ;-)

Since I won't be posting again until after Christmas...Merry Christmas to all of you dear friends.  Wishing you Peace, Love and Magic Moments!  Peace on Earth! Enjoy this beautiful season!


Debby said...

Merry Christmas my friend. Love that Little P. The last picture is a great picture. But it does look like you have smoke coming out both ears, lol.

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