Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Blog Anniversary, Six Years!

Made some pillowcases for the girls, found the french style terracotta pots,
 wire basket and faux hydrangeas at the thrift.
I can't believe I've been blogging for six years today.  I wish I could say that I am a good blogger, that I've learned so much.  Seriously, I will never be good at blogging, but I have pride in knowing that six years of my life are documented here.  Thanks to my sweet friends who follow me, undeserving as I am of your faithfulness.  Will I get better at this, not likely;-)   I do love the process, the photo taking and knowing I can go back and relive some amazing moments through the years.  The best part has been the friendships I've made through blogging.  You've made an impression on my heart, so grateful for that! So much for celebrating...on to my latest thrifting finds.
Did a little shopping last night after a day of snow.  What a way to usher in March, with three inches of heavy white flakes.  After the driveway was shoveled, the car cleaned off late in the afternoon, we headed to the local thrift. Senior citizen discount on Tuesday!  30% Woo Hoo!  Found this cute dress and the little princess jacket for our girl.  Dress up is big, and Penny loves fancy.  This dress is fancy and SOFT.  We hate itchy clothes and tight waistbands. How about the princess jacket?  Penny loved them both.  She always says, "Could you bring them right over Grandma?" (We facetime on our Ipads;-)

 Still had the tags on. I paid $4.00!
A crafty way to spend a snowy afternoon.  A few vintage bunny print pillowcases needed a cuff. Loved the grass look of this green print.
 I have a thing for wire baskets. Scooped this one up quick.
 Another shawl to add to the wedding collection.
 A pillowcase for a sick boy.  Who doesn't like Snoopy and Charlie Brown?

Some of Beekman 1802 products I got for my birthday..  I was very excited to receive them.  They are not available at my local Target.
Love these pots, gonna start some different varieties of milkweed in them. Very pricey at the garden centers, but a dollar a piece at the thrift.
This wrinkled chair cover just out of the wash has a new home on one of my old dining chairs. A good evening at the thrift.  Clarence the bear likes it!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness through the years.  Love to all...
Enjoy this beautiful day.


babs said...

Penny...Six years..hard to believe. And to think how far you've come with so many friendships. I still so enjoy your blog, love watching your family grow. Though I don't commemt a lot, I still read all your posts and smile.
Lots of hugs sent your way from Florida.....been here since January 1st. Really enjoying it!

Lynne said...

Lots of happiness in those six years . . .
For you Penny there was opportunity and joy in being able to design, create and share with us.
And in addition there was happiness for those of us who met you through that process . . .
Interesting for me as I write this, my meeting of you is from
Babs . . . who wrote above.
You know what a favorite you are of mine . . .
Barbie has a sense of knowing and feeling what is genuine, authentic, real . . .
She was "spot on" in you . . . and sharing you with me has been such a blessing.
You truly are a very beautiful person . . .
I love having met you and look forward to many more years together . . .
"May God hold you in the hollow of His hand."

Barbara Lilian said...

What a wonderful way to record the things that make us happy, never thinking that other people would find pleasure or be interested in reading about what we are doing , where we have been and have such a varied assortment of pass-times. Blogging has brought so many new people into my life who I feel I now know through reading their posts and it's obvious this is the same for you. I send you my friendly greetings from France to celebrate the 6th anniversary of your blog, and may there be many more.