Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

Once every four years we're rewarded with a little says the Huffington Post as I looked up Leap Day.  Actually to add a day every four years helps sync up the Gregorian calendar with the solar calendar.  Thank goodness there are brilliant minds working on this, God knows if it were up to me...well, it would not be quite so accurate.  Even now, in 3,000 years we will be a little bit off .  It will add up eventually, and just try to take a day off the calendar. Nobody wants that job!

So as you see I am rushing the season with my cherry blossom wreath on the front door. 
 Sure cheers up the joint! ;-)   
 My walk today was cold but clear and sunny.  My favorite kind of walking weather.  We had a busy weekend.  A visitor from the east,  son Mikey was here for a long weekend.  The kids all got together for a day long birthday celebration for Jon and Doug.  SO wonderful to have Mike in the house at least for a few hours.  The gang was over for breakfast on Sunday and some stayed for a nap and dinner to celebrate some more.  Jon wanted meatloaf for his birthday dinner.  It was a good call, there was one slice left of a huge meatloaf.  Do any of you add a boiled egg whole in a meatloaf?   I don't know how this recipe started but Mom always did her's that way.  I made all kinds of sides and purchased bread after a dutch over bread fail.
Don't know if it was the yeast or what, but a disappointment.  No disappointment on the cheesecake.  After making it for 30 years I finally have made a near perfect cheesecake.  No photos, of course, but not a slice was left after all was said and done. Our little bird who is not so little anymore, said she didn't have words to say how delicious the cheesecake was.  My nephew ordered a cheesecake for his next birthday! I guess they really liked it!
We had the babygrand overnight and enjoyed her company as the grownups celebrated at a city watering hole.  We made a movie of Penny's "Coronation". I  Penny takes her job as Princess very seriously and now we have the film to prove it.  So sweet, so funny and priceless time together.
I did get a few things done including some towels I transferred some images to.  Some pillowcases, and other projects are keeping me out of trouble at home.
Does a Mom's heart good to see her kids having a great time together, loving each other and celebrating together.  That's what it's all about, Family! They are each so different, but the same kind and good hearts. Couldn't be happier to call them mine...sorry honey, OURS!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Bet we were walking about the same time . . .
Our snow is melting and more is predicted!
Looks like happy times with your family . . .
I find if I make their favorites, I am the best mom/granny in the world . . .
Happy Leaping Day . . .

Debby said...

So nice to have everyone under one roof. Sounds like you really put on a nice birthday dinner. Sounds yummy. No, I have never heard of adding a boiled egg to meat loaf, but why not.
It will be spring soon. After a couple more snows anyway.